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White Vinyl
Stickers & Labels
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Clear Vinyl Stickers, Labels & Decals
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Kids' Labels
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Roll Labels
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Iron-On Labels
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Permanent & Sticky
Clothing Labels
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Ideal For
  • any flat surface - paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal
  • personalize events, packaging, promotional giveaways, sport helmets, bumper stickers, food jars, address labels, personal experession
  • inside or outside of windows, doors, glass, and flat surfaces
  • when transparency around text or logo is desired (with no white sticker edge around graphic
  • most durable for all kids' label needs
  • shoes, food containers, bottles, toys, school supplies, dishes
  • retail shops, businesses, for simple sticker dispensing
  • packaging labels, disposable sticker seals, bottle labels
  • when at least 250 quantity of the same label is needed
  • most fabrics and garments (washer/dryer friendly)
  • labelling kids' clothing and accessories
  • label your custom t-shirts for teams, business, events
  • any flat surface requiring permanent adhesive - paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal (e.g. outdoor equipment identification)
  • sewn-in tags and labels on inside of kids' clothes and accessories for school, camp, daycare
  • works on nylon gym bags or laptop bags for business branding
Not Recommended For
  • permanent applications (e.g. outdoor equipment identification)
  • objects that will be placed in a dishwasher (if label/sticker is expected to last - please hand wash)
  • removable applications
  • giveaways
  • applying directly to fabric of garments - these labels work best on sewn-in clothing care tags in order to be machine washable
Any Size or Shape
Adhesive Removable Removable Front or Back Optional Removable Permanent Iron-On
Sun & Water Resistant
Dishwasher & Microwave Safe N/A
Washer & Dryer Safe
Bubble-Free N/A
Printing Process CMYK
(4 color process)
(4 color process)
(4 color process)
(4 color process)
(4 color process)
Finish Glossy
(Matte available for Custom Orders)
Glossy Glossy Semi-Gloss Matte Glossy
Thickness (in mil) 3 mil 3 mil 3 mil 4 mil 1 mil 2 mil
Stock Color White Clear White White White White
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Want to remove your sticker or label? Don't want residue? No problem at all! StickerYou stickers and labels are made using a specially-treated adhesive so they peel off easily and leave no marks behind.

Water Resistant

Our stickers and labels are designed to withstand all weather conditions - rain or shine. Made out of high quality vinyl material, the stickers are water resistant and will stay even on your car through rain or snow.

Sun Resistant

We use only the highest quality ink to print our stickers. So go ahead and slap your stickers outdoors. The ink is UV resistant, which means it won’t fade or discolor for a few years, even in direct sunlight.

Dishwasher Safe

StickerYou Premium Kids' Labels do not peel off in the dishwasher and the ink stays on wash after wash. For best results, we recommend waiting 24 hours after applying your labels before putting in the dishwasher.

Microwave Safe

We’re not scared of a little heat! StickerYou labels are created to stand up to the heat of microwave ovens.

Washer & Dryer Safe

StickerYou's Iron-On and Stick-On clothing labels will not come off with machine washing and drying. Just make sure you follow the instructions for ironing, and only apply stick-on labels to clothing tags.

Durable for Kids

Our Premium Kids' Labels are UV coated and extra durable to withstand wear and tear, and will not fade with abrasion.

Bubble-Free Technology

StickerYou's white vinyl stickers and labels apply smoothly, with no air bubbles on application. Our wall decals are also repositionable, so they can be applied smoothly to your walls with ease.