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Stick-On Clothing Labels

Stick-On Clothing Labels Stick-On Clothing Labels Stick-On Clothing Labels Stick-On Clothing Labels
Stick-On Clothing Labels 1 Stick-On Clothing Labels 2 Stick-On Clothing Labels 3 Stick-On Clothing Labels 4

Stick-On Clothing Labels adhere to your kids' clothing tags without any ironing! Apply these extra strength labels to the your clothing's sewn in label, they are strong enough to stay on during washing, drying, or even water activities, making them perfect for camp and school.

$16.99 per page or less

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Product Features

Washer & Dryer Safe

Multiple Washes (Hot/Cold)

Writable with Permanent Marker

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peel & Stick, No Ironing

Applies to Clothing Tags

Durable, Strong Adhesive

Any Size, Any Shape

More About Stick-On Clothing Labels

As a new alternative for iron on transfers, we are introducing Stick-On Clothing Labels! Perfect for use on all your favorite items from clothes, sports uniforms, camping gear, lunches, or school things. With super sticky material, there’s no need to iron-on these labels, just stick ‘em!

With family vacations, theme parks, or public transportation, sometimes things happen and kids get lost. Stick a clothing label on the front of their shirt, with a contact name and number. If they ever get lost, someone can know who to call for help right away! You can even make the name tags ahead of time, then write the contact name and number when ready with a pen or marker.

Help keep track of your child’s clothing and stick labels on their clothing from shirts, jackets, hats, scarfs, and especially mitts which always get lost. That way, rather than sitting in the lost and found for the rest of the year, the teacher will know who the clothes belong to.

With the selection of designs above, choose from owls, dinosaurs, lady bugs, butterflies, or you can upload your own artwork to make a label. With super sticky material, these labels will stick strong and last long on your clothes. They can even go in the washer and dryer! When it comes time to change your labels, they are easy to remove leaving no messy residue behind to damage your clothes.

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