Durable Roll Labels

Durable Roll Labels Durable Roll Labels Durable Roll Labels Durable Roll Labels
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Durable roll labels are built to last! They are waterproof, tear resistant, and oil resistant make them idea for labelling a variety of heavily used items. The white BOPP material has high quality color reproduction ensuring detailed designs will turn out looking great.

$0.35 per roll or less

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Product Features

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Durable, Strong Adhesive


Any Size, Any Shape

No Set-Up Fees

4 Color Printing

Oil Resistant

Up to 4 Pantone Spot Colors

More About Durable Roll Labels

Label your own products? Whether it's for small business or for larger production runs, this durable white BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene - essentially a plastic based label) material is ideal for labelling products or for use on smooth surfaces. This product is water resistant, UV fade resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant and abrasion resistant, making it truly durable and useful in a variety of environments. These labels come with a permanent adhesive and are available in custom shapes and sizes as well as standard shapes. Order your custom durable roll labels today.

Want to compare packaging label materials? Download a printable version the Packaging Labels Product Quality Chart.

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Adam was so helpful - thank you for making the stickers perfect!


Good quality product, delivered as promised and slick, easy-to-use online ordering. Not much more you can ask for!


We were looking for a professional and cost-effective solution and we found that with Sticker You Inc.


Love the strong adhesive nature and that they withstand temperature changes!


Awesome Product, use them on some lights to promote our company EZ Realty Inc.

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More than one design on a page