Get Your Very Own Sticker Maker!

StickerYou’s Sticker Maker allows users to customize and order their own die-cut stickers and labels. Users have fun making their own high quality removable stickers for unlimited needs. You earn up to 25% commission on all the sales. The Sticker Maker is a free, easy-to-install widget for your website, or it can be linked to, from your site, as a custom landing page at

A Sticker Maker can benefit many different types of businesses - artists, brands, organizations or website publishers.

Artist Stickers


Do you have art that people might want for stickers and labels? You can create a Sticker Maker theme with your own stickers. Then let the best custom sticker platform in the world enable people to make high quality custom stickers with your art.

Business Stickers


Do you have users, fans, or customers who might need stickers or labels? Use our platform to enable people to get the stickers they need quickly and efficiently.

Website Publisher Stickers

Website Publishers

Do you have users who want an engaging, creative activity for your site? Let your users create stickers or labels that fit the profile of your site. From entertainment stickers to travel stickers; from kids labels for moms to bumper stickers for car enthusiasts StickerYou has custom content for any site – or you can provide your own sticker content!

Brand Stickers


Do you have consumers who want to engage with your brand online and get the coolest stickers on the planet? Put our Sticker Maker on your site or link to your own brand’s landing page on and let your fans make you stick.