Event Sponsorships

Check out StickerYou as a sponsor at your next event! We are happy to provide some amazing sticker products for your meeting, tradeshow, summit, conference and more! One of our event coordinators will be happy to help work with you on some cool sticky products to help with promotion or branding. Sign up for our event sponsorship program to learn more.

Event Sponsorship Ideas for Your Brand

Why stickers are the most effective tool for your event:

Promotional Items

Stickers are excellent promotional tools. Events such as tradeshows, conferences and competitions are a great place to give out stickers to attendees. Stickers are a great way to create excitement and get people talking about your company, product or service. Everyone loves getting a cool looking sticker, and the sticky-nature of the product ensures your branding is visible and front of mind long after the event is over.


Stickers are a fast, easy, and attractive way to brand your event. This is because you can stick them almost anywhere. They give people an opportunity to notice your logo outside of the usual context making sure your company leaves a lasting impression. So put your branded stickers on give-away bags, computers or laptops to maximize your exposure. Or give them away and let people do the branding part for you. Check out promotional items to get inspired!

Information Purposes

Stickers are a great way to disseminate important information because they are such an attractive product. Use them to promote and inform on an event or on packaging to help attract attention. Depending on your design, you likely have room to add pertinent details to your sticker or sticker handout which will help drive traffic and sales. Make your brand stick!

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