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June 7, 2017

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Recently, team members from StickerYou participated in a local Heart & Stroke charity run in order to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada. Those who participated in the run (or walk, or bike) had a great time while helping a great cause. In order to really feel like a team, we at StickerYou decided to deck ourselves out with custom t-shirts, custom temporary tattoos & custom stickers for our bikes.

Here’s a look at what StickerYou did for our Heart & Stroke run and some ideas for your own charity run:

Custom Bike Stickers

Some StickerYou team members chose to complete the race on their bicycles. We decorated our bikes with custom stickers that featured a little bicycle icon, a “Ride for Heart” slogan and the StickerYou logo. If your event allows bicycles why not consider doing something similar? This helps keep your team looking organized and lets the other participants know who you are, which can help gain exposure for your company while letting the community know you’re doing your part to give back. Create your own custom stickers here.


Custom Temporary Tattoos

Another part of our unofficial uniform was custom temporary tattoos. For this we used a little heart with a bicycle & running shoes icons in the middle. Simple but effective. These temporary tattoos can be used on hands, faces, arms, legs or anywhere else you feel like showing your team spirit. Create your own temporary tattoos here.


Iron-on Transfers

If you really want to announce your team’s presence, using iron-on transfers to create custom t-shirts is the way to go. You can simply use your company’s logo or get as creative as you’d like. Our iron-on transfers can easily be applied to most fabrics and are washer and dryer safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about working up a sweat - you can wash the shirt afterwards! Start creating your own iron-ons here!


Custom Patches

Sticking with the custom clothing angle, our custom patches are another great option for creating custom t-shirts, hats and other items of clothing for team races. Again, you can use your company’s logo or a completely custom design. These patches can be applied to many fabrics using a heat iron or by sewing, and are machine washable - start creating your own custom patches here.


These types of charity events runs are becoming more and more popular by the minute. Perhaps your business or company has even participated in one. Or maybe you have one upcoming. If you do, consider using custom stickers, custom iron-on transfers for t-shirts and custom temporary tattoos to help you unify your team and look your best!

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