Removable Vinyl Stickers

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Yotpo Reviewer: Brian R.
Brian R. Verified Buyer


Great print with fantastic colors.

Yotpo Reviewer: Mike S.
Mike S. Verified Buyer


Stickers look great! Just what I ordered

Yotpo Reviewer: Sophia G.
Sophia G. Verified Buyer


Ease, material, and substrate were outstanding! I can’t believe how much people love them

Yotpo Reviewer: Eileen W.
Eileen W. Verified Buyer


Great quality and the online platform was excellent.

Yotpo Reviewer: Alex H.
Alex H. Verified Buyer


Stickers were exactly what I wanted. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Yotpo Reviewer: Evan P.
Evan P. Verified Buyer


Very satisfied with the quality of even the cheapest options; I also didn't order very many & they still gave me a few extra of each. Great site/company, will definitely order again!

Yotpo Reviewer: Jonathan G.
Jonathan G. Verified Buyer


frequent customer

Yotpo Reviewer: Robert H.
Robert H. Verified Buyer


Appear to be exactly what we needed. They were done very professionally. Thank you

Yotpo Reviewer: Lisa M.
Lisa M. Verified Buyer


So happy with these stickers and the sizing !! They are perfect quality and we’re so easy to order. They are perfect labels for custom candles I made for a fundraiser for a sweet boy with leukemia. Thanks to StickerYou for making sure they were absolutely perfect!!

Yotpo Reviewer: Ashley S.
Ashley S. Verified Buyer


Fantastic customer service and outstanding product quality. Will definitely order again in the future!

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