Removable Vinyl Stickers

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Yotpo Reviewer: Amanda R.
Amanda R. Verified Buyer


Such great customer service (checking in to be sure we accepted the design we had made, which had some small print), super fast shipping, and the sticker sheets were perfect with the kiss cut. Printing was perfect, and the stickers seem very sturdy. Very happy with our purchase!!

Yotpo Reviewer: David N.
David N. Verified Buyer


Good quality product, good customer service, and very easy to use interface. Great experience overall. Highly recommended!

Yotpo Reviewer: Morgen A.
Morgen A. Verified Buyer


Turned out even better than expected!

Yotpo Reviewer: Shelley A.
Shelley A. Verified Buyer


The stickers look great!

Yotpo Reviewer: Sharifah U.
Sharifah U. Verified Buyer


It's my third time to order on Sticker You and the quality of their items are top-notch but unfortunately on my last two orders, both was delivered later than the estimate but the customer service was able to get back to me. So other than the late shipping *which was a big thing, their product quality are well made.

Yotpo Reviewer: Rachel T.
Rachel T. Verified Buyer


Stickers are easy to make, they follow directions when you leave them, and are quickly made and sent, great quality, and very affordable.

Yotpo Reviewer: Serena C.
Serena C. Verified Buyer


Love them

Yotpo Reviewer: Gina C.
Gina C. Verified Buyer


I loved the style, decor and how easy they were to create and many options for size.

Yotpo Reviewer: Stephanie M.
Stephanie M. Verified Buyer


I'm so happy with how the stickers came out. I ordered several different sizes with some minor design changes on each set and every sticker came out perfectly. I even received a warning for some designs that had small text that might come out blurry and was given an opportunity to adjust my designs if needed. Very satisfied.

Yotpo Reviewer: Lefty P.
Lefty P. Verified Buyer


V cool way to share the love at our indie press launch! Accurate colors, size, everything as we’d hoped!

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