Tamper Evident Labels

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Get peace of mind that your products are protected with tamper proof labels. These customizable security labels will show evident signs of destruction if removal is attempted. StickerYou offers several different kinds of customizable tamper evident labels. Please read below to determine which material is best for you.

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More About Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels provide added security to your products. Ensure specific property labels are not removed and certification stickers are not falsely duplicated with these specialty labels from StickerYou. Customize these tamper proof labels to fit your specific applications or needs and rest easy knowing these labels are doing their job. Tamper evident labels are also commonly used on cosmetic, hygenic or medical products being sold as they provide clear proof that the product has not been opened or tampered with and remains pure and safe to use. Also a common product among food products being sold as it can warn against products that may be spoiled because the package was opened. Choose from three different types of material for your tamper evident labels:

Destructible Tamper Evident Labels

A destructible label will apply easily, but will fragment if removal is attempted, with only small portions of the label peeling up and ripping off. This makes removing the full label very difficult. This label is ideal for use as "Property Of..." stickers. 

Checkered Tamper Evident Labels

Checkered tamper evident labels leave a checkered pattern on the product surface if peeled up, making it evident that a label was removed or peeled up. Use this label to seal cosmetic, hygienic or medical packaging being sold. 

Void Tamper Evident Labels

Void tamper evident labels will leave a "void" pattern across the surface of the product if removed. This particular label is most popular for preventing warranty fraud. If the label is removed, the warranty is void, as clearly marked by the pattern left under the label.

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Reviews (4060)

Bobby C. Verified Buyer

Was everything we asked for

Was everything we asked for

andres m. Verified Buyer

great product, great service and great prices

I loved how easy it was to customize my stickers online not just how I wanted them to look but the way I was able to design them to fit my budget and definitely appreciated the discount, also if I want to go back and order more they already have it saved so it makes it that much easier to buy again.

Cam S. Verified Buyer

Awesome Experience

AMAZING customer service - huge shoutout to Kimberley. Awesome experience working with her!

Denise B. Verified Buyer

Had the smaller 1" size

Had the smaller 1" size rpund stickers that I needed. Order arrived within just a few days and was perfect. Will use them again.

Lisa c. Verified Buyer

Excellent, high quality product!

Excellent, high quality product!