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Custom Stickers

At StickerYou, you’re in the driver’s seat. Easily create completely customizable, die-cut stickers in any shape, size, and quantity. SImply upload your image or logo to our Sticker Maker, or create artwork online and choose from thousands of images in our art bank, and watch your custom creation come to life. Check out the categories below to find the perfect sticker product for your application!

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More About Custom Stickers

Stickers are an excellent product to leverage in both your personal and professional life for whatever purpose you have in mind. You have the ultimate freedom when it comes to self expression and personalization using our products.

We’ve made it easier than ever before to create custom products in just a few minutes - upgrade your packaging, branding, create swag or handouts, and so much more! Printed on waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe vinyl, our stickers are here to help you make your message stick.

Custom stickers are an unconventional, innovative, and affordable way to market and advertise your business. Not only do they stick around on surfaces for years, but they’re the perfect low-cost, high awareness marketing strategy. Attract new customers, generate buzz about your biz, and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty with this cutting-edge product!

When it comes to our stickers, we offer various formats you can choose from, depending on what works best for your desired use case. These formats include:

Die-Cut Pages
Custom sticker pages are perfect if you’d like to print multiple designs on the same page, or are looking to test out various different forms of artwork.

Our pages can be ordered in as little as one single page, meaning there are absolutely no minimum order quantities - often making it the most cost effective product for lower run orders.

Die-Cut Singles
Our die-cut singles are individual, customizable stickers that are precision cut to the exact shape of your design.

This results in an extremely luxurious finish, as your design is flush to the material, leaving no extra backing around the perimeter. Perfect for events like trade shows and conferences, or as premium swag giveaways.

Kiss-Cut Singles
Often referred to as mini-pages, kiss-cut singles have your custom artwork die-cut on individual squares or rectangles of vinyl, and are a lower cost alternative to die-cut singles. This results in extra padding outside of your sticker, protecting the edges until application.

Alongside this, kiss-cut singles unlock the ability to print outside of the die-cut shape of your custom stickers. For example, you may choose to print your company website, contact info, or social media handles outside of the artwork - allowing it to be separated from the actual sticker design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many custom stickers can I order? ?

A: As little or as many as you’d like! We have absolutely no order minimums for our stickers, allowing you to select the material most suitable for your use case.
Keep in mind - the more you order, the more you save, so it’s always a good idea to stock up. If you’re ordering quantities over 250 units, you may also want to consider roll labels, as they can be more cost effective in high quantities!

Q: What if my design is not ready for print?

A: Don’t worry - we have a dedicated Design Services team here to help you with any graphic design or image tweak needs. To contact us, you can fill out this form here.

Q: Will your stickers leave damage on surfaces once removed?

A: Fear not, they won’t! With the exception of our permanent vinyl stickers, we use a removable adhesive. This means that although your stickers will stay stuck for years, when it comes time to remove them, they won’t leave any residue or gunk behind, and won’t damage any surfaces.

Q: I’m looking for something custom I can’t create on your website, what should I do?

A: Sure thing! To get a quote for a custom order, or assistance with setting up an order, you can contact our Product Expert team at [email protected].

Q: How many stickers fit on a page?

A: That’s completely up to you. The amount of stickers that fit per page is dependent on the size and shape of your artwork. Once you begin assembling your order in our Sticker Maker, you can play around with the size of your stickers, to fit as many as you’d like per page.

Q: What shape and size can my stickers be?

A: Any shape, any size! Choose from a variety of our standard die-cut shapes, or get custom with our “image die-cut” function, allowing your artwork to be cut around the perimeter of your design. You also have the freedom of printing your stickers as large or as small as you’d like.

Q: There are so many options above to choose from. How do I know which product is best for the custom stickers I want to create? 

A: If you’re not sure which product will work best for you yet, contact [email protected] and a team member can help you with your order and send you a free sample booklet with a variety of our products. 

Q: What format can I upload my artwork in?

A: You can upload your artwork as Jpegs, PNGs, Gifs and now PDF format. If you go with PDF, you can also create a die-cut line to get your artwork cut to the shape you’re looking for. 

Q: What’s the smallest size I can make my custom stickers at ?

A: With our website, the smallest size you can make your stickers is 0.75”x0.75”. If you need smaller still, contact [email protected] and we can look into it with you. 

Reviews (12347)

Darrin L. Verified Buyer


the product was what i expected. looks to be a good quality product.

David B. Verified Buyer


I'd been looking for a way to apply a logo to a hand made kayak paddle in a subtle way allowing the wood grain to come through as much as possible. I applied my sticker on top of a cured coat of polyurethane and added a coat over the sticker for added protection from water. Looks great!! Attached picture is the test piece I used before applying to the final product.

Purchasing D. Verified Buyer


The process was smooth and quick. Fast shipping and a great quality product.

Rick G. Verified Buyer


Received my order last week and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is great! The speed of delivery was quite fast, (especially with the situation in the world presently). You guys are sticker gods!!! This was a test run of a few ideas I had. And I can’t wait to reorder. I would definitely recommend StickerYou! I own a boat and will be ordering something for it in the near future. Thanks guys.

Johanna P. Verified Buyer


Stickers were perfect size