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StickerYou prints your custom die-cut sticker orders on the highest quality vinyl materials. Browse categories below and find just the right application, format and/or designs for your custom stickers. Use our award winning Sticker Editor to perfect the die-cut, size and design of your stickers.
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More About Custom Stickers

Whether you need sheets or individual stickers, StickerYou helps you make it stick. With our award-winning Sticker Maker, making your perfect high quality custom stickers has never been easier

Browse Art for Stickers

StickerYou has thousands of images to get you started customizing your high quality stickers ASAP. Choose from animals, flags, common signs and symbols, even images for weddings! Whatever you need, StickerYou has you covered. If you already have artwork that you'd like to use already, you can also upload it directly.

Business Stickers

Branding is an important part of any business, so let StickerYou be your go-to for all your custom business decal needs. Make custom decals of your business hours that can be applied to all surfaces, personal calendars that can adhere anywhere for all your departments, or even custom die-cuts of your business logo to give to potential clients. Branding is important, so it's time to get to work!

Car Decals & Stickers

Let everyone know which sports team you’re rooting for, which politician has secured your vote, or brag about the fancy school your kid just got into. From bumper to windshield, making high quality stickers for your car is sure to accelerate any vehicle.

Clear Static Clings and Clear Stickers

Whether you need to move it or keep it stuck, StickerYou has a wide variety of clear options to let your brand’s unique logo be front and centre. Our clear static cling decals can be cut in any shape and printed in full colour. They can also be removed and reapplied anywhere at any time, allowing your business to go wherever you do. You can also order permanent custom clear stickers which can be printed front or back facing, so your permanent signage can be displayed any way and anywhere you need it to. All of our clear stickers are UV coated so you never have to worry about your custom decal not being seen.

Matte Stickers

Custom matte stickers are perfect for either personal or professional use. A subtle finish with bold colours, matte stickers are bubble free and never leave any residue behind. Matte stickers are waterproof and writable, so you can take your customization even further.

Many people that are creating packaging for their products enjoy the look of the matte stickers, due to the fact that they look more natural and flush to the surrounding packaging. If you need help selecting which material is right for you, check out our recent blog post "Which Sticker Material is Right for You?"

Permanent Stickers

Custom permanent stickers are great for property identification, warning labels, or safety cautions. Using durable strong adhesive, custom permanent stickers can be stuck to any material or surface (even clothes) to ensure any vital information is always seen. If you're looking for the most industrial of adhesive for your high quality stickers, this is definitely your best option!

Photo Stickers

Let your pictures say more than a thousand words with custom photo stickers. With our custom photo stickers, you can make sheets plastered with as many photos as you like. You can make sure your special memories stick – anywhere you want! Photo stickers also make great gifts and housewarming presents. Create stickers for your friends and family for birthday parties, family gatherings, or random acts of kindness!

Shape Stickers

Create custom stickers in any shape, size, or colour you need. A simple and fast solution for custom business or personal goods. Whether oval, rectangle, round, or square, we've got you covered!

Sports & Helmet Stickers

Go for the gold and let everyone know who to root for with custom sports stickers! Perfect for any type of sports helmet or any sporting equipment, it will surely make you victorious.

Sticker Rolls

StickerYou’s custom sticker roll labels are a fast and affordable way to get a large quantity of your high quality stickers. Available in a wide variety of materials, custom sticker rolls are the perfect labels and seals that add a striking finishing touch to any of your custom products.

Transfer Stickers

StickerYou makes it easy to personalize anything you want. Our custom transfer stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl, which can be removed with residue or tearing. If you want your business logo on your office supplies, a motivational quote to keep you in the perfect headspace, or a monogram of anything you think of, use custom transfer stickers to make it stick!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I choose StickerYou to create my custom stickers?
A: Unlike other sticker companies, StickerYou operates exclusively online, meaning any specific questions you have are just an instant message way. Another advantage of our online company is that you get exactly what you want, how you want it. There’s no mystery as to what your high quality stickers stickers will look like because they’re previewed right in front of you, and all prices and shipping costs are calculated and presented while ordering. You are in the driver's seat when uploading and designing your stickers, you even get to create your own digital proof! StickerYou also offers a variety of different of adhesive products, so if you have one logo or design you want in many different applications, we’re your one stop sticky shop.

Q: How many stickers can I order?
A: Any amount! At StickerYou if you want as little as 1 sticker or as many as 10,000, you can do that! If you’re only buying 1 sticker, you’re only going to pay for 1 sticker! We do have options to buy some stickers in bulk with order minimums (if you know you’re going to need a ton of stickers), or alternatively we offer smaller single stickers if you want a physical preview of how your sticker is going to turn out. Keep in mind, the more stickers you order, the more you save, so don't be afraid to stock up!

Q: What am I using all these stickers for?
A: Stickers have a lot of practical purposes! Businesses often use them as promotional tools or for labelling purposes, and adhesive material can also be used at home in your personal life. We also make stickers can be applied to your car, clear stickers for window advertisements, permanent personalized labels for clothing, and even stickers for sporting equipment. Personalize gifts, create custom decor, or conjure up some high quality handouts to give away at trade shows. At StickerYou we’re all about making what matters stick!

Q: Are your custom stickers only available on one type of material?
A: Heck no! StickerYou lets you totally customize your high quality stickers, and that includes the type of material you need them printed on too. Your stickers can be printed on white, clear, and matte vinyl, and much more. Our roll labels can also be made on metallic foils.

Q: If I don’t like where I put my sticker can I remove it?
A: Yes! Our stickers can be easily peeled off any surface and are proven to not leave any residue afterwards, which means you never have to worry about your decals ruining your stuff. However, we do offer customizable stickers that are permanent for decals you need stuck in place.  

Q: If I write something on my sticker will it come off?
A: Our matte stickers can be written on permanently with any kind of marker or pen. White vinyl or clear stickers can be written on using a permanent marker. Anything written with a permanent marker is not removable. Wording written with a standard pen or pencil on a matte vinyl can be removed by rubbing the surface, however pressure marks will likely still be visible on the surface.

Q: I want to make custom stickers but I’m worried it’ll be too difficult.
A: With StickerYou’s online Sticker Maker, customizing stickers is super simple and fun. You can upload your own logo or design, or chose from our library of images. From there, you can edit things like size, and even add custom text! You can also add multiple images on a single sheet. There’s no end to how much you can completely customize with StickerYou!

Q: I think I made a mistake and really need help! How can I get in touch with you ASAP!?
A: There’s no problem too big or too small that our customer service team can’t help you with! Depending on the urgency of your problem, you can send us an email, or chat with our customer service team live all week long during business hours.

Q: What do you mean by "removable adhesive"? Are my stickers going to fall off?
A: Removable adhesive means our stickers are able to peeled off and re-stuck immediately if you need to reposition your sticker. This isn't going to weaken the adhesion, as we guarantee our stickers stick strong, last long, and won't rip or tear when exposed to the elements. This also means our high quality stickers peel-off residue free, and won't damage your stuff if you do decide to remove them. 

Reviews (8343)

Sonya W. Verified Buyer

Very satisfied with the labels.

Very satisfied with the labels. I will definitely order again. Thanks

Michael T. Verified Buyer


I needed a gauge face for a custom motorcycle gauge cluster. StickerYou’s matte sticker worked perfect!! It came out great. Thanks guys!

Melda B. Verified Buyer

Nice stickers

They look nice on the product packaging.

Brenda P. Verified Buyer

Tumbler sticker -boat name!

Love it!! My mugs are looking great!! Ready for the boat!

Abby W. Verified Buyer

The stickers were high quality,

The stickers were high quality, the print job was exactly what I had designed, and shipped in a reasonable amount of time. I fully intend on using this service again and would recommend it to anyone wanting to order products with a custom logo for any reason. Every aspect of the experience was good.