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Custom Vinyl Stickers are the most versatile stickers for unifying your brand, creating unique promotional material, or tailoring to your personal needs. Our premium vinyl labels and stickers are waterproof, durable and long lasting. If applied correctly, they are also weather resistant.
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    2” x 2”

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    White Vinyl

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    USD 11.99

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More About Custom Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl ranks supreme when it comes to custom decals and stickers.The flexible durability makes it the perfect material to print high-quality functional, versatile, personalized decals and stickers! There’s a wide array of vinyl material to opt and customize stickers with and StickerYou has the perfect one for you! Vinyl stickers are the best choice for car decals, walls, windows and water bottles. They come with a sturdy paper backing and a UV-protective laminate to protect them from scratching, rain, and sunlight that makes your vinyl decal or sticker great for outdoor life and cars.

Die Cut Vinyl Sticker Pages

The easiest and most cost effective way to get a wide variety of custom vinyl stickers at once is with die cut sticker pages! With our amazing vinyl sticker pages you can upload many different images to fit on a single page. Because they’re die-cut, your custom vinyl stickers will be contoured to edges of the image or photo, so the shape of your image will be the exact silhouette of the sticker or the decal. Like kiss cut stickers, our Our die-cut stickers can be easily removed from flat surfaces and won’t leave any residue, making them an excellent option for custom stickers you want to re-use again and again!

If you're looking to get value for your money and for a cost-effective solution, this is going to be your best option. You can choose to print several of the same designs in your page (we will automatically lay out your image and calculate how many custom vinyl stickers fit on a page), or create your own custom page with a variety of different images in our Sticker Maker.

Vinyl Logo Stickers

No matter the size or shape of your logo, StickerYou has your branding needs covered! Logo stickers are the perfect tool when it comes to raising brand awareness, and are an inexpensive yet highly effective promotional tool. Our vinyl stickers can be die-cut to the exact shape of your logo or choose from a variety of shapes to perfectly frame your logo and match your color palette.

Vinyl stickers are one of the best way to promote and get people excited about your brand. Due to our great price breaks, they become extremely affordable to handout at events like trade shows and networking parties. Create die-cut vinyl logo stickers of your brand, you'll never know where they'll end up. For some added social growth, include your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles on the vinyl sticker, allowing people to connect with you online!

Permanent Custom Vinyl Stickers

At StickerYou we like to make it stick, and sometimes that means forever! Our permanent vinyl stickers have an intense adhesive, so these durable vinyl stickers aren’t going anywhere. Objects such as work gear, emergency items, and industrial machinery endure a lot of friction and abrasion, so printing some permanent vinyl stickers is the best way to ensure that the information printed is guaranteed to be visible. Our permanent vinyl stickers are also waterproof, which makes permanent vinyl stickers ideal in all conditions. If you're looking for the most industrial adhesive, you've come to the right place.

Matte Custom Vinyl Stickers

Matte vinyl stickers are the way to go to add a modern flair to your designs if you don't want to make them glossy. Our matte vinyl stickers are a great finishing touch for products or gifts, and because you can write on them with markers, the level of customization never has to end! They're also great for product packaging, as the low-shine, matte finish results in a very high quality and luxurious finish.

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear vinyl stickers are a go-to for minimalist designs that’ll have a big impact. Clear vinyl stickers showcase not only your terrific logos, but your wonderful products as well. You can even try them on a car window or as window decals to decorate your storefront to make a statement. They always go on smooth surfaces, and can even print logos or designs in white ink for a uniquely bold vinyl sticker. If the product you're packaging is visually appealing (ie. natural juices or other artisanal foods), clear vinyl will allow you not only to showcase your important branding and product information, but also lets your potential customers view the product inside.

Product features
Writable with Permanent Marker
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Minimums
Removable Without Residue
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Any Size, Any Shape

FAQs - Custom Vinyl Stickers

Q: How difficult is it to apply my vinyl sticker?

A: Not difficult at all! Simply peel your vinyl sticker from the backing, place on a smooth surface. If you'd like to ensure your high quality vinyl stickers are completely stuck in place, you can get rid of any air bubbles with a credit card. Once you're ready to remove them, they can be taken off without leaving any gunk or residue behind.

Q: How big can I make my vinyl stickers?

A: Any size! Make them as small as 0.75”, or as large as you want. Our standard sheets of custom vinyl stickers come on US letter sized 8.5x11" sheets, so that may be something you want to consider when deciding which size to order (for example, 2x2" stickers fit a nice 20-up per page).

Q: Can I label my tupperware with vinyl stickers?

A: Absolutely! All of our vinyl is not only waterproof, but dishwasher and microwave safe as well, making vinyl stickers perfect for all your food containers as well as for your water bottle! They can also be stored in a fridge or freezer without cracking or coming off.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity of vinyl stickers I can order?

A: Of course not! At StickerYou, we want you to get exactly what you want - so you can order as many or as little custom vinyl stickers as you need. This allows you to buy single vinyl stickers in different materials to let you see what your design will look like before committing to a material. It also makes re-ordering vinyl stickers super quick and easy. Keep in mind, the more pages of stickers you order, the more you save, so it's not a bad idea to stock up.

Q: Will my stickers actually not damage my stuff?

A: Nope! Our custom vinyl stickers (that aren’t permanent) use an adhesive that allows our stickers to be easily removable, and because of that any sticker peeled off a smooth surface like glass, plastic or tile is guaranteed to leave your goods residue and sticky free!

Q: What’s the minimum size I can order?

A: With our editor, the minimum size is 0.75”x075”. If you’re looking for smaller vinyl stickers, contact [email protected] and a representative will look into it further with you.

Reviews (8026)

Yotpo Reviewer: Laurie M.
Laurie M. Verified Buyer


I get ALL of my stickers from StickerYou. Great quality and customer service! They have a variety of stickers for any use.

Yotpo Reviewer: Autumn D.
Autumn D. Verified Buyer


Waterproof and simple to order! I have to get some more for my water bottle!

Yotpo Reviewer: Ginger K.
Ginger K. Verified Buyer


Very pleased with the stickers we purchased. They were perfect and we got to us so quickly. Thank you!! We will be back!

Yotpo Reviewer: Jeremy H.
Jeremy H. Verified Buyer


The logo portion of my sample page came out well. I got 9 high-quality logo stickers out of it. The portion illustrating the social media handles was missing 2 of the logos I uploaded. I'd say I'm about 75% pleased.

Yotpo Reviewer: Shaun B.
Shaun B. Verified Buyer


I was very happy to receive this product. The sticker quality is very good and the price per sticker is a great value. Will definitely order from them again!

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