Yard Signs

Starting as low as $10.13 per sign

Yard Signs

Amplify your message with StickerYou’s yard signs. Made from 4mm weatherproof corrugated plastic, our yard signs are built to last, and will hold up to the harshest of climates and applications. Take your event, celebration, or business to the next level!
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More About Yard Signs

At StickerYou, we’re passionate about being your supplier for all things branded. Our diverse product mix allows you to source everything you need for your business or personal life, in one convenient location. Create your yard signs in any shape you can imagine, and choose from our variety of shapes, suited for different occasions.

Alongside this, we offer the flexibility of having your signs single-sided, or printed on both sides. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, have your custom sign visible to both directions of traffic that drive down your street. Or, if you’re passionate about your activism and fighting for social causes, create customized yard signs for your political, environmental, or humanitarian efforts!

Yard signs are your secret weapon for offline marketing, and are the most cost effective way to generate buzz and excitement around your event, celebration, or business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I print my yard signs with StickerYou?
A: At StickerYou, you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to personalization and customizing your products. Unlock the ability to upload your own designs directly to our website, and your products in a few clicks of your mouse. Alongside this, we operate online, meaning we’re here to offer assistance every step of the way. We offer both live chat and email support for any questions or concerns you may have.

Q: How many yard signs should I order?
A: That’s completely up to you! At StickerYou, we pride ourselves on being able to offer almost all of our products at no minimums. This mean you can order as little or as many yard signs as you’d like!

Q: I need some assistance, how can I get in touch with you?
A: Sure thing, you can reach our product expert team by filling out this form here. If possible, include the artwork you’d like to print, as well as an idea of your size and quantity. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have, or assist you with setting up or placing an order.

Q: How do I use my yard signs once they arrive?
A: When placing your order online, you have the option of including a metal stand with your sign. This will allow you to place your sign anywhere you’d like, and will ensure it stays put and intact.

Q: What is the best way to use yard signs?
A: One great aspect of yard signs is their versatility. Whether you’re looking to create signage for an event or celebration, such as a family reunion or birthday party, or promote your business and storefront, the uses are limitless. Yard signs are an extremely cost effective way of advertising and generating traction about what matters to you!

Q: What are the types of stakes (stands) available?
A: We provide 2 types of stands, as optional accessories, that are suitable for the corrugated yard signs. The Medium Stand (8"w x 23"h) is recommended for Yard Sign with width from 14" to 20". The Large Stand (10"w x 30"h) is recommended for Yard Sign with width of 20" and more.

Q: What are the directions of the flutes in the yard signs?
A: Our Yard Signs have vertically aligned flutes, i.e. the flutes are parallel to the stands. This enables optimal use of our stands, and keeps the signs secure to the ground.

Q: How can I order Yard Signs?
A: We offer 3 ways of ordering Yard Signs. If you have your design ready to go, head over to our Yard Signs editor page by clicking Make Signs Now. We offer various standard shapes on our online design tool and you can upload and edit your own designs text and graphics. If you have a theme in mind, we also have templates available for Birthday, Real Estate, and Contractor Yard Signs. If you need more assistance, you can work with a Product Expert by filling out our quote form here.

Q: Can I order any die-cut shape?
A: Yes you can! For custom die-cut shapes, you can work with our Product Expert team by filling out this form here. For designers who want to set up their own custom yard sign print files, please download the Yard Sign File Requirements guide located here for in-depth setup instructions.