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Looking for great templates and designs for customizing your envelopes? Need to label stuff around your kitchen or home office? StickerYou has you covered with lots of templates and designs for Address Labels and other items around the home.

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Description Choose from 4 address label sizes and explore our diverse selection of images and styles or create your own using our Sticker Maker. Add a personal touch to holiday, wedding, party, and event labels by uploading your own photos. Get creative with wide or large address labels, allowing multiple names on a sheet with unique designs for that extra touch. Maintain an organized home with our durable waterproof home labels! Printed on high-quality glossy material, these weather-resistant labels can withstand the fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, and even the dishwasher without any damage.
Great For
  • •Family, invitations, or event mail
  • •Envelopes or cards
  • •Holidays, wedding, parties, and events
  • •Correspondence (return address labels)
  • •For everyday items like phones, wallets, keys, or sunglasses.
  • •Wires for all the electronics
  • •Kitchenware
  • •Bedroom organizer: drawer labels, clothing labels etc.
WaterProof Yes Yes
Bubble Free Yes Yes
Bubble Free Yes Yes
Die-Cut Yes, to the template of your choosing Yes, to the template of your choosing

More About Home & Address Labels

Discover the perfect blend of creativity and functionality with our expansive selection of home and address labels. Whether you're seeking personalized address labels or unique mailing labels, we offer an easy way to express your personality. Create custom address labels online effortlessly with our user-friendly process. Trim, match, and customize the address label to your liking, ensuring it reflects your personality and favorite colors. Our stickers are printed on high-quality sheets, making customization a breeze.

During the holiday season, elevate your greeting cards and envelopes with personalized return address labels and festive envelope seals. The creative possibilities are endless. Select the size and use our templated product or load your own bold images, choose from tons of bright designs, or opt for waterproof labels that withstand any weather. Our custom address labels are a great way to add a personal touch to your cards. Cut through the clutter and send a unique message with our address labels that match your style and make a statement. Express yourself with confidence as you stick to a design that perfectly complements your unique taste. Whether it's a snowflake for winter or a vibrant design for everyday use, we offer an outstanding solution for all your labeling needs.

FAQs Home & Address Labels

Q: What are address labels, and how do they differ from personalized address labels and return address labels?

A: Address labels typically refer to labels containing a recipient's address. Personalized address labels allow customization with unique design and color, while return address labels focus on sender details, enhancing the aesthetics of mailed items.

Q: Can I print my own mailing labels, or do you provide pre-printed options?

A: Yes, you can print your own mailing labels using our easy-to-use system. We also offer pre-printed options for convenience, including a variety of image designs such as snowflakes, making it a great choice for the holiday season.

Q: How can I customize address labels?

A: Click on the button "MAKE ADDRESS LABEL", select address label size and, after that, personalize it by using our search feature to find specific design and adjust text, colors, and fonts in the Editor wizard for a unique and stylish touch.

Q: Is it easy to remove home stickers once they are applied to items?

A: Yes, our home stickers are designed for easy removal without leaving a sticky residue, ensuring a nice and clean finish on your items.

Q: Can I view and edit my custom home & address label before placing an order?

A: Absolutely! By clicking on the "Personalize it" option, you can easily view and edit your home and/or address labels, making it an easy process to tailor them to your liking before placing an order.

Q: What types of designs do you offer for home and address labels?

A: We offer a wide variety of designs for home & address labels, ranging from creative and bold patterns to classic and simple styles. You can search through our collection to find the perfect design that suits your preferences.

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Brought my vision to life thank you!

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Removable doesn't mean low quality.

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I’m a newer business so I’ve tried a few different label companies and this is by far my favorite! Everything is so crisp and the quality of the stickers is great. Highly recommend!!

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Great quality for great price

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Love that I didn't have to order in bulk! I had a personalized Christmas present I wanted to make and Sticker You was the perfect choice. So thankful I found you guys!!