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Business Stickers

Ordering stickers has never been easier! StickerYou provides you with all of your business sticker, label and decal needs, such as full color promotional stickers, custom logo stickers, bumper stickers perfect for outdoor exposure, window signage, window decals for outdoor and indoor use, cut to size stickers, address labels and product labels. Or make a custom order and get exactly what you need!
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Let your company stand out in style with custom business stickers from StickerYou! With so many different ways to market your company these days, there’s no better way to let your company stand out from the crowd than with printed business stickers which are also writable with a permanent marker. Personalize stickers for your next trade show, including name tags with your contact details, company logo, or logo stickers for handing out to potential customers. You can also make personalized stickers with your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handle! Looking to make new business cards? We've got you covered! For a fun new way, you can make your own business card stickers! While custom business stickers are good for promoting, they are also good for organizing around the office. Make fun icons for around the office to show where different things are, or encourage staff to stay organized. Make custom labels for filing cabinets and boxes, mailing labels, or include your business logos so clients will easily remember you when they receive your packages. You can also create your own individually cut laptop or phone stickers, good for each computer in the office!

How To Make Your Own Custom Business Stickers On Our Website

t's a really simple process! You can start by heading to our Sticker Maker, where you will answer some questions to determine the best product for you. From here, you can either upload your own design, or create your own using our wide variety of image assets and design tools. After this, you can choose your dimensions in inches, and then will be given a price breakdown based on quantity. We'll print and ship your branded stickers directly to your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many business stickers can I order?

A: That's totally up to you! Thanks to our digital printing technology, we can accomodate orders of any size. When you upload your artwork to our Sticker Maker,you'll be able to select the custom quantity of custom business stickers you'd like on the online calculator - this means you can order as little as one single page of company stickers, or thousands if you'd like! You'll see a price breakdown of different quantities dependent on the final, custom sizes of your business stickers. If you're ordering a large quantity of business stickers, you also may find it more cost effective to order roll stickers or print out roll labels instead of pages. In general, the more custom business stickers you order, the more you will save, so it's never a bad idea to stock up on some awesome stickers!

Q: I need to order a large amount of business stickers, which product should I order?

A: This depends on how you desire to use your business stickers once you receive them. We offer a variety of formats and templates, allowing you to find and customize the perfect product for you, whether you need tear proof, scratch resistant, or water resistant stickers. This includes full vinyl pages with an elegant finish, kiss-cut handouts, die-cut singles, and roll labels. If you would like some assistance deciding which sticker material is best for you, you can check out this blog post "Which Sticker Material is Right for You?". If you're placing a larger volume order of business stickers and have decided on a pack of roll labels, you can see the breakdown of different types of labels in this blog post "Which Roll Label Material Should You Choose?".

Q: I need help with my artwork, do you offer design services?

A: Yes we do! Contact [email protected] and you can place a special order of business stickers with our team. If you like daring color combinations or creative typography, we'll help you make professional looking stickers in various geometric shapes including square, triangle, circle and oval shapes, with a matte or high gloss finish and personalized background. Get your stickers in any color, shape, specific size and materials, and add any message or personalized feature that suits all types of brands.

Q: I need to order a large amount of customized or personalized stickers, which option is best for me?

A: It all depends what you need your stickers for. If you’re going to hand out stickers to promote yourself, a business, or an event, we recommend our die-cut single stickers and kiss-cut single stickers in bulk, as the unique shapes make them stand out. They're also easy to peel-and-stick anywhere. Our die-cut sticker pages are best if you’re using your stickers for at-home applications or personal use.

Q: How do I know if my product is better suited for page or roll labels?

A:Pages are a great choice if you plan to apply your stickers or labels by hand to curved product packaging, such as jam jars, wine bottles or other food items. Their vinyl material is somewhat stretchy making them easier to apply. It’s also bubble-free, allowing air bubbles to egress out before the adhesive fully attaches to the product. Pages are a popular choice for those who sell jam and sauce jars as well as health and beauty products. Although the amount of business stickers you can fit per sheet depends on the final size of your stickers, you'll see how many you can fit per page based on the final size in inches you select as you create your order in our editor. You can also choose to put different stickers up on the same sheet, allowing you to test our different sizes, colors, and branding.
Roll labels are ideal for applying onto flat (not curved) surfaces, such as a paper bag or cardboard box. The quality and variety of material finishes they come in, their permanent adhesive, water resistance and their cost-benefit when ordering larger quantities, are definite advantages. Roll labels are a popular choice of bakeries, coffee shops, clothing stores, etc.
For larger orders of labels or stickers that will be applied by machine, rolls are the only option as machines will only accept rolls. Lastly, if you're ordering roll labels, you can order your labels in increments of 250 units!

Q: Can my business stickers have a clear backing?

A:Absolutely! If you're looking for a clear backing, ensure you select "clear removable vinyl" as your material. This allows you to have a transparent backing behind your artwork, and will result in a more transparent finish compared to opaque white vinyl. This is the perfect material for surfaces like storefront and vehicle windows, mirrors, and so much more. If you don't want adhesive on your stickers, you can also order static clings. Our clings use electricity to adhere to surfaces, allowing you to apply and remove them as many times as you'd like. If you need some more assistance with deciding which material is best for you, or want more information regarding removable adhesive options, you can contact our sales and support team at [email protected].

Reviews (10057)

Yotpo Reviewer: Pascal V.
Pascal V. Verified Buyer


I used the Removable vinyl stickers to identify my LARP material so no one would get mixed-up with my gear. A whole week-end under the rain has proved me of the quality i puschased - at a reasonable price.

Yotpo Reviewer: Dave K.
Dave K. Verified Buyer


Was just what I wanted. Fast delivery, affordable, customizable, and the vinyl and colors are of high quality.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jessica M.
Jessica M. Verified Buyer


My first time ordering stickers for a book signing event and they cared about how my stickers looked and confirmed details with me to make sure they looked great.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jamsie R.
Jamsie R. Verified Buyer


Your website was easy for me to place an order. The price was decent, I received my order in a timely manner. The quality is awesome. Thank you

Yotpo Reviewer: Mark S.
Mark S. Verified Buyer


I got these to put on hockey pucks to show our team logo. They are very nice.