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We offer a variety of decals to suit your needs. From walls and windows to sidewalks and streets, the possibilities are endless. Check out the individual specifications of our wall decals below, and find the perfect pairing for your application!

Logo Custom Wall Decals Vinyl Wall Lettering Clear Wall Decals Vinyl Wall Graphics
Description Print your logo as a wide-format decal for smooth surfaces Create custom die-cut lettering for your office or home Add style to any room with this transparent material Specialty die-cut designs applied to masking
Great For
  • •Branding
  • •Events
  • •Sales/promotions
  • •Branding
  • •Outdoor signage
  • •Branding
  • •Events
  • •Sales/promotions
  • •Branding
  • •Outdoor signage
WaterProof No Yes Yes Yes
Bubble Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Die-Cut Yes, around perimeter of design Each element of design is individually die-cut Yes, around perimeter of design Each element of design is individually die-cut

More About Wall Decals

Have a blank wall you just don’t know what to do with? Add some personal pizzazz to any room in any home or business with your own wall decals! StickerYou’s custom wall decals come in a variety of materials, and are printed with quality inks that highlight the vibrancy of any image or logo you need. Step up your home decor and give each room an individual personality, or plaster the walls of your business with logos and motifs for a high-end professional look. We strive to offer the fastest turnaround for our custom wall decals which could be as fast as a few business days only!

Clear Wall Decals

Want a luxurious look for your business without breaking the bank? StickerYou’s customizable clear wall decals are an easy way to up the luxury in any space while still being affordable. Available in both front and back adhesive, clear wall decals are a beautiful way to adorn any glass or mirrored surface. All our clear wall decals also remove residue free and repositionable, which means logos, promotions, or slogans will always stick anywhere you want them too!

Decorative Wall Decals

Wall decals are a modern and affordable way to decorate any living or business space.. StickerYou’s Sticker Maker makes it easy for you to add text, upload or choose art, or change the color of anything you want to decorate your walls with. Wall decals are a fun way to get your favorite art, quotes, or logos on your blank walls in a fully customizable way! Wall decals are a fun way to get your favorite art, quotes, or logos on your walls in a fully customizable way! All our decorative wall decals are removable without leaving residue, so you’ll never have to settle for boring walls ever again!

Logo Wall Decals

Logos are an important part of every business, and at StickerYou we know how important it is to make your unique logo stick! Our logo wall decals can be made into any solid color, size or shape with matte finish, meaning even the most intricately shaped logos can be easily made to fit any wall! Our durable vinyl removes glare and goes on smooth, so you can display your custom logo wall decal that always stands out wherever you want it to!

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Branding and personalization is important in any space, and it’s never been easier than with StickerYou’s custom vinyl wall decals. Our vinyl wall graphics can cut logos and pictures into any shape or text, in any size or style of font. A custom vinyl wall decal is perfect for you if you love decorating spaces or putting business mottos, detailed logos, or other design elements in office walls, or gorgeous text wall art in your home. Our vinyl is printed with CMYK color printing, so all your custom fonts and logo can stand out as vibrant as you like. Easy to apply and remove without damage, get customizing and let vinyl wall graphics liven up any space imaginable.

If you're looking to get a quote on some vinyl wall graphics, feel free to forward your artwork to [email protected]. Our customer experience team will get back to you with a free quote and digital proof of your custom wall stickers!

Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl wall lettering is super easy to customize, and is a modern edition to living or business spaces. Use vinyl wall lettering to customize and organize your kids room (playrooms or bedroom), or have your favorite inspirational quotes within eyesight in any living space. Vinyl lettering is a useful tool for any custom text or information you may need for your office space, such as hours of operation for offices and departments of specific personnel. Our wall letters are made with removable vinyl, so your surfaces are never damaged and remain residue free, and our lamination process makes it super easy for you to apply your custom wall letters anywhere.

FAQs - Wall Decals

Q: How many custom wall decals can I order?

A: Any amount you'd like! Our various types of personalized wall decals can be ordered in bulk, or as a single custom wall decal. This allows you to see how your decorative wall decal, logo or design will appear on different materials, and will allow you to make personalized wall decals that best suit your needs. As a guideline, the more you order, the more cost effective the overall amount will be - time to start branding your spaces with quality removable wall decals!

Q: What does "removable adhesive" mean?

A: "Removable adhesive" simply means that although our custom decals are made to stick on strong and last long, they can still be peeled off if you need to slightly reposition them or wish to stick them somewhere else. The wall sticker or wall graphic isn't aren't going to move on its own or fall off, and will never leave any residue when the time comes to remove it. This means that the adhesive backing won't damage your walls, or peel off any paint or coatings when they're taken off. And if you want to reuse or store your custom wall decal, for proper care, you can always put it back onto the original backing and avoid creasing, rolling tightly and laying heavy objects on top of the custom decal.

Q: What size and shape of wall decal can I order from StickerYou?

A: Our wall decals are typically anywhere from 2" to 48" in height or width. However, if you need a specific size outside of this, it’s easy to get a custom quote from a member of our Product Expert team. Share the product specs you want with our team. Then, simply place your order and we’ll print your decals in the exact size that meets your needs.
As for the shape, you can print your decals in any shape you want for your cut line or contour cut. And if the editor isn’t getting the look you have in mind, contact [email protected] and a member of the sales team will help you with your custom order.

Q: Are your custom wall decals only available on one type of material?

A: Absolutely not! We have a wide variety of custom wall decal materials to ensure you always find a product that fits your use case. StickerYou lets you totally customize your wall vinyl, and that includes the type of material you need them printed on too. Personalized wall decals can be printed on white (default color) and clear vinyl, are available in a variety of different die-cut types, and are recommended for indoor use only. If you need some help deciding on wall decal materials, feel free to contact one of our design services specialists at [email protected]!

Q: How difficult is it to apply my personalized wall decals?

A: Not difficult at all! These easy installation instructions will give you everything you need. First, gently wipe your wall decal with a damp cloth. Then, simply peel your wall stickers or decals from the paper backing, and place on a smooth surface. If you'd like to ensure your decals are completely stuck in place, you can smooth out any air bubbles with a credit card. Once you're ready to remove them, they can be taken off without leaving any gunk or sticky residue behind.

Q: How do I apply wall decals?

A: First make sure the area you're applying to is clean/no dust etc. When you're ready, slowly peel the wall decal from the backing. Place your custom decal on the wall and start with applying pressure from the middle, outwards to the edges. To help, we recommend using a credit card or squeegee.

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100% satisfied with sticker and customers, definitely will return!

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Very nice decal and fast shipping.

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Exactly what i asked for. Ill be ordering more

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Great price. Nice quality. Easy to self-install.

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I am very pleased with my custom 40' wall decal. I work in a school, bought the image from a colleague, added a quote and it looks perfect. Everyone is stopping and admiring it. I worked with a sales representative to make sure that there were no issues with the resolution and he was helpful and the final product is just what I imagined.