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We offer a variety of customizable labels to suit your needs. No matter what you’re looking to brand, we offer a label for it. Check out the individual specifications below, and find the perfect pairing for your application!

# Address Labels Home Labels
Description Choose from 4 address label sizes and explore our diverse selection of images and styles or create your own using our Sticker Maker. Add a personal touch to holiday, wedding, party, and event labels by uploading your own photos. Get creative with wide or large address labels, allowing multiple names on a sheet with unique designs for that extra touch. Maintain an organized home with our durable waterproof home labels! Printed on high-quality glossy material, these weather-resistant labels can withstand the fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, and even the dishwasher without any damage.
Great For
  • •Family, invitations, or event mail
  • •Envelopes or cards
  • •Holidays, wedding, parties, and events
  • •Correspondence (return address labels)
  • •For everyday items like phones, wallets, keys, or sunglasses.
  • •Wires for all the electronics
  • •Kitchenware
  • •Bedroom organizer: drawer labels, clothing labels etc.
WaterProof Yes Yes
Bubble Free Yes Yes
Bubble Free Yes Yes
Die-Cut Yes, to the template of your choosing Yes, to the template of your choosing

More About Home & Address Labels

Customize the various labels you use around your home, and brand everything from your household items, organizational compartments/boxes, and even the mail you send and receive. Where personalization meets practicality, our Home & Address Labels are here to make your home exciting and fun.

Explore our range of designs, fonts, and art designs to create labels that seamlessly blend with your home decor and reflect your personality. Whether you re organizing the pantry, labeling kids belongings, or just adding a personal touch to your space, our Home Labels provide the perfect solution for a more organized and aesthetically pleasing environment. For a personalized touch to your mail and packages, our Address Labels allow you to create custom address labels that stand out. Enhance your parcels with labels featuring your name, address, and a design that suits your taste. Choose from various template sizes and pre loaded designs to create labels that not only convey essential information, but also make a statement.

FAQs Home & Address Labels

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for my Home & Address Labels?

A: Our vinyl labels feature no minimum order quantity, meaning you’re free to order as little or as many as you need.

Q: Are these labels durable?

A: Yes they are! All of our vinyl products are very durable and built to stand up to the toughest of applications. They also feature gunk free adhesive, meaning they won’t leave any damage or residue when it comes time to remove them.

Q: Will Home & Address Labels leave damage once removed?

A: No they will not. Our gunk free adhesive ensures both a smooth application and a smooth removal every time. This means you can apply them to any surface without worry!

Q: I have questions, how can I get in touch?

A: Sure thing! You can get in touch with a dedicated Product Expert by reaching out to us at [email protected].

Q: Where can I get started with creating my labels?

A: Get started by selecting either home or address labels, and click the Make Labels button. From here, you can select the template size that works best for you and continue with the customization process!

Q:Are these labels waterproof?

A:Good news all of our vinyl products are waterproof! This makes them ideal for any applications that may endure moisture, condensation, or water abrasion.

Reviews (2031)

Yotpo Reviewer: Diane I.
Diane I. Verified Buyer


I recently ordered online some address labels as a gift. The result/quality was excellent. The service was equally satisfying. The online platform to try to make the address labels/typing tool was not sufficient to complete my task and in the end I did not get address labels, but only the image I uploaded and aligned. I was disappointed with the result, but had to meet a deadline so worked with what I received. I recommend this company but remind anyone to be extra careful to communicate your intentions.

Yotpo Reviewer: paige n.
paige n. Verified Buyer


beautiful job!

Yotpo Reviewer: Wendy S.
Wendy S. Verified Buyer


Great product! Very good quality. I love that my logo is reviewed and approved for printing to ensure the best quality labels! I appreciate that! They are a little pricey, however, to reiterate they are great quality.

Yotpo Reviewer: Melanie D.
Melanie D. Verified Buyer


Made my homemade product pop and look professional. I'd fully recommend 👌🏽

Yotpo Reviewer: Jan M.
Jan M. Verified Buyer


It was very easy to create on the website and I was able to upload my company logo. The bumper sticker turned out great and really pleased with the quality of the work.