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StickerYou’s customizable White static clings are the perfect way to advertise or promote on mirrored or glass surfaces. Best of all our durable clings work inside or outside and are weather resistant!
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$30 for 1 cling (20" x 20")

Product Features

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Minimums

Easy to Apply

Any Size, Any Shape

Front or Back Adhesive

4 Color Printing

Works on Mirrors and Glass

Non-Adhesive Static Cling

More About White Static Clings

White Static Cling Decals are customizable and cut in any shape or size! Meaning no matter the size of your window or mirror we’ve got you covered. Because our White Static Cling Decals are printed on white material, all the colours used in your design will be at their boldest and brightest. Our White Static Clings also allow for a full bleed, so all the colours in your logo or design will be printed and cut exactly to the edge (meaning your design won’t be enclosed by a white border), making for a clean and professional looking die-cut cling.

Static clings are a useful tool for window-facing storefronts or business as they’re easily removable, reapplicable and never lose their cling. So any seasonal or temporary promotional signage can be easily applied, taken down, and applied again (and will never leave any residue when removed). Static clings also stick to mirrored surfaces. Next time you want to cheer on your local sports team, create a white static cling decal for your car’s mirrors or rear windshield. Have a promo going on in your salon or barbershop? Get white static clings for all of your employees mirrors so all clientele are aware. For the easiest way to make people cling to your message, fill out a custom form for your white static cling decals today.

To order your custom White Static Clings, fill out this form below and a sales representative will be happy to assist.

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Q: I want my logo on both black and white t-shirts, do I need to create an additional graphic?
Nope! Our backgroundless graphic transfer material allows you to iron-on graphics on any shade of fabric whether they’re dark, neutral, or light.

Q: Will my iron-on Graphic Transfers be difficult to apply?
StickerYou’s iron-on Graphic Transfers are easy to apply as a sticker! Just peel off the masked baking of your transfer, apply it to your surface, and then iron it on!

Q: Are iron-on Graphic Transfers hand-wash only?
All of our Graphic Transfers are washer and dryer safe, so you never have to worry about your custom transfers getting damaged and can be included in your regular laundry.

Q: How will you know which part of my graphic is removable background?
After filling out our custom order form our art team will confirm with you that the parts of your graphic you want removed will be before we send anything to print. This ensures your image looks exactly how want and you’ll be 100% satisfied with all your customized iron-on Graphic Transfers.

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