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*Vroom Vroom*! Live life in the fast lane with custom Car Magnets! Promote your business, support for a cause, or your favorite sports team while you’re on the move! Learn More Learn More



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More About Car Magnets

Take advantage of traffic jams as an easy opportunity to help promote your business, support a cause, or for Baby-On-Board/Pet-On-Board messaging. These magnets are specifically designed to provide the holding strength required for continuous car use, and to brave the elements.

Car Magnets are made of a thicker 30 mil magnetic material, offering greater weight than your everyday Fridge Magnets. They will stay stuck even during highway driving, and are fully weather resistant. Car Magnets are a new, stronger alternative to our regular fridge magnets. With no minimum quantity you can order your own custom car magnets in any shape or size. Start creating your own car magnets now!  


Q: What’s the difference in thickness between Car and Fridge Magnets?
A: Fridge Magnets are 20mil thick, whereas Car Magnets are 30mil thick.

Q: Can Car Magnets be any shape?
A: Yes, you can create Custom Car Magnets to be any shape or size to fit your car and stand out well!

Q: Is it possible to reuse a car magnet? 
A: Yes, car magnets are repositionable and reusable!

Q: Do I need to remove the Car Magnet before washing my car?
A: We would recommend it to help keep your magnet lasting longer.

Q: Is there a limited quantity I can order?
A: No, you can order as little as 1 magnet at any shape or size to fit on your car!

Q: Will car magnets stick on all vehicles?
A: Car magnets will stick on any panel of your car that is made from that metallic material.  Some high end or specialty vehicles utilize synthetic materials or even carbon fiber which is not magnetic and will not work with a magnet. Many cars utilize a lot of plastic for parts such as bumpers. If you're wanting to apply something in those areas, check out our custom stickers!

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Reviews (50)

Alex B. Verified Buyer


My car magnets were: great price, great quality, extremely fast shipping.

Robert E. Verified Buyer


The best of the best I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else hands down

karl m. Verified Buyer


Great all around

Kiara C. Verified Buyer


Great job on my client's car magnets, StickerYou! They will be placed on all of the police cars in our city in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Lucas E. Verified Buyer


Ordered multiple different magnets and they have all turned out amazing!!