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Custom temporary tattoos are a great way to get creative and add fun to any event. They are not waterproof and will come off on contact with water, sweat, oils, creams, and other liquids. You can learn more about the different formats below and choose the best products for your use case. Connect with our Product Experts for free 1: 1 help with your project anytime, at no additional cost to you.

Custom Temporary Tattoos Specialty Temporary Tattoos
Description Skin safe temporary tattoos with your custom designs. Skin safe temporary tattoos with additional applied effects.
Great For
  • •Corporate Events
  • •DIY Projects
  • •Product Activations
  • •Artists
  • •Public Events
  • •DIY Projects
WaterProof Reduced longevity when exposed to water Reduced longevity when exposed to water
Bubble Free Yes Yes

More About Temporary Tattoos

Thinking of getting a tattoo sleeve but want to explore what it could look like before committing?

Take your idea for a test drive by making your own temporary tattoo sleeve kit with StickerYou.

Our temporary sleeve tattoos give you plenty of time to figure out if you should commit to the look or not! They are also a great alternative to cloth-based sleeves which don t sit flush on your skin or provide an accurate representation of what your final tattoo could look like.

To create your temporary tattoo sleeve, simply upload a full-page design to get a classic, full-arm sleeve look. Our tattoos print lush and clear, so your designs really pop when you apply them.

If you re a fan of the modern sticker sleeve look, you can get that out here too. Create a temporary tattoo page with the different designs you want for our sticker sleeve and you re good to go!

FAQs - Temporary Tattoos

Q: I want personalized temporary tattoos for a special event, but are they safe to apply on children?

A: Yes for sure! Our custom temporary tattoos are printed with non-toxic inks making them fun and safe for both kids and parties. However, we recommend you dont apply them to any parts of your skin that are sensitive, just to play it safe.

Q: How long will my temporary tattoos last?

A: Tattoos are not waterproof and will come off on contact with water, sweat, oils, creams, and other liquids. They generally last in good condition for 2-3 days. Want to remove them sooner? Use a cotton ball or similar with baby oil or rubbing alcohol and they will be removed pretty easily, unlike real tattoos!

Q: Are my custom tattoos going to take a long time to apply?

A: If you have a spare 10-15 seconds, you have enough time to apply a temporary tattoo! Our personalized tattoos are extremely easy to apply. All you need to do is peel off the plastic protective coating on the top of the temporary tattoo. After this, lay the tattoo (image area down) on the area you d like to apply. Wet the back portion of the tattoo, transferring the image onto your skin. Apply light pressure for a few seconds, then carefully peel off the backing, revealing your new bright and vivid temporary tattoo!

Q: Before I cover my body in my custom temporary tattoos how easy are they remove?

A: Very easy. Temporary tattoos can be removed immediately with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil or rubbing alcohol. They ll also come off over time with soap and water.

Q: Is there a minimum order for temporary tattoos?

A: If you re just ordering our standard tattoos off our website, there is no minimum requirement. However, if you re looking for a speciality tattoo like white ink, glitter, glow in the dark or metallic, there is a minimum and a special order will need to be placed. If you contact [email protected] a member of our sales team can help you!

Reviews (1803)

Yotpo Reviewer: Ross V.
Ross V. Verified Buyer


They were a complete hit and never faded. A little water causes them to run so make sure not to shower (or keep that arm covered). Though one negative, the online shop would autofill your measurements if you were too slow to input. This is one of my biggest complaints as it did cause a size difference of one of the tattoos.

Yotpo Reviewer: Heather B.
Heather B. Verified Buyer


Good quality even for pictures converted to tattoos. Very pleased. The dotted outlines don’t show up on the tattoos which would have been nice to know ahead of time so I didn’t spend as much time designing them because you can’t see the outlines on the white backdrop it’s printed on.

Yotpo Reviewer: Justin B.
Justin B. Verified Buyer


Fantastic product. They made Mother's Day extra special for my wife.

Yotpo Reviewer: Suzette E.
Suzette E. Verified Buyer


Note to self, next order double check if I have to reverse the image so the tattoos show the right way on skin. Ordered as sheets instead of individual, looked great other than the text was backwards. Lesson learned! Kids still enjoyed them.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jana D.
Jana D. Verified Buyer


Very happy with my sticker tattoos