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Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 1 Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 2 Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 3 Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 4
Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 1 Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 2 Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 3 Custom Badges with Magnet Backs 4

You can now create custom badges to make your logo and employees shine! Our die-cut capabilities allow you to customize your badge with your favorite icon or brand and have your designs cut to shape. You can order these in as little as a quantity of 1, while leaving your clothing in perfect condition because of our magnetic attachments.

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Some use this product to make name badges by uploading their logo and employee names. Others use these to showcase simply their logo or their brand at tradeshows, panel discussions and other networking events. Our badges are made out of 60 thou Styrene, and similar to acrylic badges, are incredibly durable for all purposes. Our inks are scratch-resistant, meaning you can show off these badges for long periods of time without any wear and tear. Having a magnetic attachment is a terrific alternative to pinned badges, as you can express your brand, your ideas, your designs without leaving a hole in your clothing. The magnetic strength holds even if you're wearing your bulkiest sweater, or your thickest wool coat. Choosing our die-cut badges is also a great plus when compared to badges with lanyards, as it reduces the amount of accessories you need to purchase along with the badge, and the magnetic back makes it extremely easy to put on, and take off. For more information and video of the magnetic badge backing, check out our blog!

Worried these are not laminated badges? Don't! Just like the acrylic pins you see elsewhere, our Styrene badges are waterproof, so you don't have to think twice about wearing your branded badge for outdoor events like concerts, farmer's markets, outdoor patios and more!

Not looking for badges that serve a business purpose? Our custom die-cut badges can be ordered in quantities as little as one! If you have your favorite movement, icon, or statement that you want a custom lapel pin for, our badges are a great alternative. With faster turnaround times compared to enamel badges or enamel pins, your designs will show up to your doorstep in no time, and with the advantage of full-color print! Use these as jacket badges, or even on your favorite bag or accessory to personalize your wardrobe and make your personality shine!

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