Static Clings

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Static Clings

StickerYou wants your message to be clear and really stick. That’s why we offer high quality custom static clings. Using the power of static electricity your clings can be customized to be small, large, clear, or white. Perfect for windows and mirrors our static clings are completely removable so your message goes wherever you do.
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StickerYou’s customized window clings are our most removable and reappliable product ever. Using the power of static electricity our clings stick smoothly to any glass or mirrored surface. This makes them perfect for seasonal sales and promotions for street-facing businesses, advertising on vehicles, or decor around the home.

StickerYou’s static clings are now available with a clear or white background, and in small or large sizes. This makes advertising on irregular shaped surfaces simpler, and is an economic option if you need multiple static clings of different designs. Our static clings are durable and weather resistant, so they’ll remain bold and bright no matter how much sunlight or water they’re exposed too. Next time you want your message to effortlessly stick use static clings from StickerYou.

Reviews (219)

Craig G. Verified Buyer


Service was great, quick shipping. Unfortunately the sticker didn't cling as well as hoped but that was a trial on our end and we expected this issue. Quality of the sticker was great and price was good as well. Will be reordering with adhesive back stickers!

Rochelle M. Verified Buyer


As a music teacher, I use rainbow colors to identify the seven notes of the scale on the piano. The clings help the student identify the notes--they are happy faces, and each happy face is a color that corresponds to a note. C=red, D=orange, E=yellow, F=green, G=blue, A=purple, B=pink. The clings work well and do not mar the surface of the keys.

Michelle J. Verified Buyer


The car clings turned out great!!! The only thing that could have made them better is if they had already been cut so we could hand them out. However, we were very happy with them.

Karen J. Verified Buyer


I loved the personalized customer service

Vincent K. Verified Buyer


Love that this turned out so perfect. We added a permanent wall to our RV and I snapped a photo of the huge logo that is now on the bottom of the patio deck.