Removable White Vinyl (Semi-Glossy)

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Yotpo Reviewer: Shelley A.
Shelley A. Verified Buyer


The stickers look great!

Yotpo Reviewer: Stephanie M.
Stephanie M. Verified Buyer


I'm so happy with how the stickers came out. I ordered several different sizes with some minor design changes on each set and every sticker came out perfectly. I even received a warning for some designs that had small text that might come out blurry and was given an opportunity to adjust my designs if needed. Very satisfied.

Yotpo Reviewer: Nicholas V.
Nicholas V. Verified Buyer


Way better than StickerMule!!! All the stickers were cut perfectly and the cost was cheaper. Adhesive and colors were spot on. Couldn't be happier!

Yotpo Reviewer: Corey B.
Corey B. Verified Buyer


Excellent customer service throughout the process.

Yotpo Reviewer: Christopher G.
Christopher G. Verified Buyer


Stickers came out just as i wanted them!! Easy to create and quick turn around time!!! Great quality. I give them out as gifts after my tours and the guest love them!! Thank you!!!

Yotpo Reviewer: Jacob S.
Jacob S. Verified Buyer


Amazing quality and very quick!!

Yotpo Reviewer: Michelle A.
Michelle A. Verified Buyer


5 stars

Yotpo Reviewer: Cory G.
Cory G. Verified Buyer


Love all the stickers we have gotten so far.

Yotpo Reviewer: alec t.
alec t. Verified Buyer


Great quality, the cut out was perfect

Yotpo Reviewer: Dennis M.
Dennis M. Verified Buyer


I received what was expected and the quality of the stickers exceeded my expectations.

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