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Make custom high quality iron-on transfers in any shape and size. Apply onto cotton, polyester, spandex, denim, and many other fabrics.
Iron-ons are printed on white iron-on material and are not transparent.
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Product Features

Washer & Dryer Safe

Transfers in Under 30 Seconds

Multiple Washes (Hot/Cold)

Easy to Apply to All Fabrics

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Minimums

Any Size, Any Shape

Writable with Permanent Marker or Pen

More About Iron-Ons

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Create your own custom t-shirts, jackets, socks, pants, accessories and more with StickerYou’s custom iron-on transfers! Upload your own logos or designs, or browse a variety of images we offer in our Sticker Maker. Our custom iron-on transfers are a great way for you to show off your creativity or personal expression, and are exciting and fun for any event. Represent your favorite teams, brands and clubs, or celebrate birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more with custom iron-on sticker for clothes. You can create your own iron-on designs for your sports team, school club, event, and so much more! Use your own artwork to make matching shirts, bandanas, and accessories for you and all of your friends. With no limit in size, shape and quantity, create your own iron-on shirt decals, iron-on logos, iron-on prints, iron-on pictures and more!

Our custom iron-on transfers are made out of a durable, washer and dryer-safe material and can be ironed onto your clothing in less than a minute. At StickerYou, you have the ultimate freedom to create custom iron-on transfers in any color, design, message and more. Once applied, your iron-on t-shirt transfers will stick strong and last long for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I use iron-on transfers for?

Iron-on transfers (or iron on stickers) are great for any occasion. Represent your favorite teams, companies, and clubs, and celebrate birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more! You can create custom iron-on transfers for clothing and accessories using your own logo or designs, or browse through StickerYou’s art gallery in our online Sticker Maker. Iron-on t-shirt transfers are fun and great for any event. Our iron-on transfers adhere to all fabrics, as long as you're working with a flat and smooth surface. We recommend using our iron-on transfers on clothing that is made up of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, poly-cotton blends, or lycra/spandex fabrics. There’s no limit in size, shape and quantity, so you have the ultimate freedom to create custom iron-on transfers in any color, using any design. If you’ve always wanted to show off your creativity or personal expression, here’s your chance with our custom iron-on stickers!

What is the difference between iron on stickers and iron on transfers?

Iron-on stickers is a variation often used for custom iron-on transfers. The glue (or adhesive) that we use for our iron-ons is heat activated, and the image transferred from one material to the other. This process is often thought of as a "sticker" application, which is why the words can be used interchangeably. You may also hear other similar names such as iron-on designs, custom iron-on letters, and more.

How do I peel off my custom iron-on transfers?

Our custom iron-on transfers have die-cuts and can be easily removed from their pages by peeling them off. After they’re peeled off, align them how you'd like on your fabric, place your parchment paper on top of the iron-ons and apply your iron-on designs. Our custom iron-on stickers are very easy to apply, and are also very durable once applied - no heat press needed, any commercial iron will do!

Where should I store my custom iron-on transfers?

In order to protect your custom iron-on transfers and prevent them from curling, we recommend that you store them away from heat and sunlight if you aren’t planning to apply them right away. If you're unsure of what to keep them in when they're not being used, just store them in the envelope and cardboard backing that they're shipped to you in!

Are iron-on transfers permanent?

Our custom iron-on transfers are permanent once they’ve been adhered to your clothing. Along with being washer and dryer safe, iron-on designs are also very long lasting. You don’t have to worry about ruining your awesome clothing and accessories with custom iron-on letters. Your iron-on stickers will last for years to come.

What color are iron-on transfers?

Custom iron-on transfers are printed on white iron-on material and are not transparent. You can also choose any color of your choice with the eyedropper tool on our Sticker Maker if you don’t want white. Choose any color that matches your custom iron-on designs and all of iron-on stickers for clothes!

Will the color of the iron-on transfers match the color of my design?

Your custom iron-on transfers will be printed using a 4-color CMYK process which allows them to accurately match your desired or brand color. When your custom iron-on transfers arrive, they may look duller in color but fear not! Just iron them on and you’ll see how vibrant your iron-on stickers and iron-on designs actually are. Be bold in color when you choose to design your own iron-on transfers for clothes and more.

Can inner cuts be done on the iron-on transfers? 

They definitely can! However, unfortunately this cannot be done directly in our Sticker Maker. If you're interested in having multiple die-cuts in the design of your iron-ons, you can contact our custom sales team at [email protected], they'd be happy to assist you with a quote and custom proof. If you don't have a design, our Art and Design Services team can assist you in creating a brand new custom design including custom art or enhancements that are currently not available within our Art Gallery or Sticker Maker tools.

Another option you have if the design you'd like to create is text-based is to create custom iron-on letters using our iron-on lettering transfers tool! We have a very sophisticated tool allowing you to choose from a variety of text design options to create specialty die-cut iron-on designs for your products. 

How do I order custom iron-on transfers?

To order our custom iron-on transfers, simply click create on top of our website. You will then be asked a series of questions to determine what exactly you're looking to create. After that, you can either upload or design your stickers in our Sticker Maker! It should take no more than a few minutes to create your virtual proof online.

Can I create decals with custom logos?

Absolutely! Using our Sticker Maker you can create custom iron-on transfers. Iron-on stickers and designs work well, as well any other image you have in mind. However, the colors of your iron on designs will shift slightly depending on the underlying color of the garment. This is sometimes a concern as logos may require exact color replication. To avoid this, we recommend designing your logos in CMYK instead of RGB - this allows you to accurately see the color of the printed product on your screen.

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I am making:

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Same design printed on pages, rolls or hand-outs
More than one design on a page
More than one design on a page

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