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Yotpo Reviewer: Katie E.
Katie E. Verified Buyer


Easy to design, great customer service, amazing quslity!

Yotpo Reviewer: Liz N.
Liz N. Verified Buyer


I put in an order for a handful of fridge magnets for a unique Christmas present I made my brother. He is really into model trains and he a bandleader for a prohibition jazz band. So my dad and I got a billboard train car to put his bands picture on! I was just going to make 2 stickers (one for each side of the billboard) with you guys, when I couldn't decide on the designs I made. Then it hit me - make it magnetic and interchangeable! The process was great anbd the printing team was diligent- notifying me when a few of my designs' fonts may not print well, but since its a train and will be moving, I approved the printing anyway. To my pleasant surprise, none of the magnets were illegible, they were all perfect and he LOVED IT!

Yotpo Reviewer: Margaret M.
Margaret M. Verified Buyer


I ordered some window clings, magnets, and small stickers with my team’s new logo on them, and they turned out AWESOME! The quality of the material is great and the graphics are crisp and clear. The image submitted needed a font adjustment, and their customer support was quick and clear in their communication and even offered to help with the font adjustment. I was able to do it myself, but I greatly appreciated the offered support. I would order from StickerYou again in a heartbeat.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jonathan W.
Jonathan W. Verified Buyer


The most absurd and complete trash to use anyone else. These guys are perfection and I love using them! If I had more money I would buy everything they offer.

Yotpo Reviewer: Samantha W.
Samantha W. Verified Buyer


Beautifully printed!

Yotpo Reviewer: Rachel P.
Rachel P. Verified Buyer


The magnet looks great but it's very small

Yotpo Reviewer: Michelle F.
Michelle F. Verified Buyer


The magnets and stickers look great. They are made of thicker material and this helps with the look as well as lasting longer. I liked being able to order both.

Yotpo Reviewer: J C.
J C. Verified Buyer


Ordered some magnets and they turned out well! Quality was good, with only 3 out of 30 having any issues (some black marks on the design). Happy with the items overall and will be ordering from Sticker You again in the future.

Yotpo Reviewer: Victor R.
Victor R. Verified Buyer


Best quality by any company!

Yotpo Reviewer: Philip S.
Philip S. Verified Buyer


They're perfect!

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