Removable Vinyl Labels

Reviews (1994)

Yotpo Reviewer: Melanie D.
Melanie D. Verified Buyer


Great labels for my body care products

Yotpo Reviewer: Stephanie G.
Stephanie G. Verified Buyer


Great product!

Yotpo Reviewer: Matthew K.
Matthew K. Verified Buyer


The stickers are perfect. Quality is great. I will be ordering more for the other side of my poker chips. I had the font too small with my original design and they emailed me and said they wouldn’t print them until I made the font bigger cause they were worried about the quality of their product. I appreciated that so much that I will only order through them from now on. Thanks guys! KCCO

Yotpo Reviewer: James F.
James F. Verified Buyer


Awesome labels and I am ordering again as these are the best! Thank you

Yotpo Reviewer: El C.
El C. Verified Buyer


Super high quality!

Yotpo Reviewer: Andrea M.
Andrea M. Verified Buyer



Yotpo Reviewer: JONGHOON S.
JONGHOON S. Verified Buyer


best quality

Yotpo Reviewer: Elisa L.
Elisa L. Verified Buyer


The stickers came out amazing! The quality is exactly what I was looking for and the turnaround time was very quick! The finish of the sticker looks just like a wine label. Very happy with my purchase, this makes my branding look professional.

Yotpo Reviewer: Joey S.
Joey S. Verified Buyer


Exactly what I was looking for. saw a potential issue with my sticker design, helped me fix the issue, and the product turned out great.

Yotpo Reviewer: Anna A.
Anna A. Verified Buyer


I was worried this was a scammy website, but it turned out Fantastic. Used a template and it turned out perfectly with the images I used. They sent a flag to warn me about small text that I might want to fix before printing, which I though was amazing customer service.

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