Removable Vinyl Labels

Reviews (1994)

Yotpo Reviewer: Scott S.
Scott S. Verified Buyer


Amazing service and was so pleasure with final product. Save yourself the time and money and order from today!!!

Yotpo Reviewer: ROCHELLE B.
ROCHELLE B. Verified Buyer


look an quality is great.

Yotpo Reviewer: Chris M.
Chris M. Verified Buyer


Great service and labels

Yotpo Reviewer: Sarah B.
Sarah B. Verified Buyer


Excellent quality! We were shocked at just how dishwasher safe the stickers were:) exactly as advertised. They fit our product exactly as we measured. We are so pleased, and would definitely order more stickers from here again.

Yotpo Reviewer: Shi R.
Shi R. Verified Buyer


Amazing customer service! I received my very first order damaged and they took care of it. Labels are beautiful and well made. I shall return as a repeat customer. I wish regular shipping was a little faster but, not it's not too long. Great Product, check it out! Thanks!

Yotpo Reviewer: Claudia O.
Claudia O. Verified Buyer


Loved our business stickers.

Yotpo Reviewer: SABINE W.
SABINE W. Verified Buyer


everything was executed properly. I love the quality of the paper. Only the shipping took long. I will order earlier than I need next time.

Yotpo Reviewer: Shawanna P.
Shawanna P. Verified Buyer


Love the label! Exactly what I incisions.

Yotpo Reviewer: Sherry R.
Sherry R. Verified Buyer


They're very nice

Yotpo Reviewer: Christine H.
Christine H. Verified Buyer


These labels are amazing!

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