Removable Vinyl Labels (Matte)

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Yotpo Reviewer: Annette S.
Annette S. Verified Buyer


I loved the 1st batch of stickers so much, I ordered a bunch more. Just what i wanted!

Yotpo Reviewer: Sarah A.
Sarah A. Verified Buyer


The quality is so great! Even the imaging! Label durability is also amazing! Love that my customers can remove them if they want to reuse my jars/containers.

Yotpo Reviewer: Rachèle F.
Rachèle F. Verified Buyer


I placed an order for labels with the wrong size. They were kind and understanding enough to help me. they are attentive and always ready to help. I continue my adventure with them for sure. Quality products.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jacqueline H.
Jacqueline H. Verified Buyer


This size were great for the smallest jars. Now I need to order bigger sizes with product names.

Yotpo Reviewer: Lisa B.
Lisa B. Verified Buyer


Sticker You sent me a message that my design may not print legibly, since I used type sizes under 8pt, but these lip balm labels printed with beautiful clarity, and no pixellation or blurriness. The matte finish is worth the extra money; looks very classy, so I'll stick with this finish for all my lip balm labels. I worried that the removeable labels wouldn't stick (I've had this problem with other companies), but they haven't come off in any way, partly because they aren't too thick (a problem I've had with other companies). My only problem: they're a bit short from the bottom of the lip balm tube to the top. I could fix this next time by using a custom size; I could still fit just as many on the page if I changed the dimensions a little.

Yotpo Reviewer: Alisha T.
Alisha T. Verified Buyer



Yotpo Reviewer: Alex B.
Alex B. Verified Buyer


Crispy graphics. Material quality is top notch. Customer service representatives are so nice and helpful. This company spotted an issue and gave me options to fix it before print. Everything is so user friendly; HIGHEST recommendation for sticker you.

Yotpo Reviewer: Rachel N.
Rachel N. Verified Buyer


Very good quality !!! Color was exactly what I picked out and wanted Quick shipping

Yotpo Reviewer: Sonia U.
Sonia U. Verified Buyer


i have not put them on my car yet, but in looking at them they are so pretty clear and what i can hope for. The only thing is that i was not sure if i should order the removable ones or the permanent ones when putting them on windows. I wish that there was a little "i" by each selection to explain where removable and permanent stickers can/should be used. I definitely will be ordering again!

Yotpo Reviewer: Anthonesha H.
Anthonesha H. Verified Buyer


I was a bit worried about the size of the print but everything was perfect! Definitely ordering again.

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