Suzy's Zoo Stickers

Suzy's Zoo Stickers

Welcome to the world of Suzy's Zoo! With StickerYou, you can now have fun creating your very own sticker sheets with all your favorite Suzy's Zoo and Little Suzy's Zoo characters.

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More About Suzy's Zoo Stickers

Jump into the world of Suzy’s Zoo, with Suzy’s Zoo stickers from StickerYou! Find all your favorite characters and drawings from around Duckport. Suzy Ducken, Jack Quacker, Corky Turtle, and even all the backyard gang are here in sticker form! Great for kids’ birthday parties, name labels, gift tags, holiday stickers, or decorating notebooks, lockers, or just for fun. If you want to get creative, make Suzy’s zoo stickers for holiday greeting cards, Valentine’s Day, and either include them as extras inside your cards, or decorate your cards with them!

StickerYou’s high quality, glossy vinyl material is weather resistant, and will stick strong on most materials. If you want to create stickers of more than one animal, simply use our classic sticker maker, and adjust the sizes accordingly. If you want to include text on the sticker, you can either include it as you’re making it, or write on it when you’re ready with a pen or marker!