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Our clear die-cut stickers are made from a clear vinyl and are laminated for high durability. As a result of the lamination process these stickers also have a great in-hand feel with an impressive 5.5 mil thickness. These stickers offer high adhesion strength while still being removable. Learn More
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    2” x 2”

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    Clear Vinyl

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    CAD 101.74

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More About Clear Die-Cut Sticker Singles

Only at StickerYou can you get the custom die-cut stickers in real-time displayed on your screen so you can adjust to your satisfaction. Our award-winning Sticker Editor will enable you to order the perfect die-cut sticker. Any size. Any die-cut shape. Any quantity. And in professional grade vinyl quality.

There are no extra costs for dies and no minimum order quantity for your die-cut stickers. All orders are guaranteed to be die-cut to your 100% satisfaction. You can use our design tool with images, text and colors to make your own die-cut stickers, or simply upload your artwork in the Sticker Editor to get the perfect cut stickers to your liking.

If you have your own logo, or any cool art, translate it into high quality custom vinyl die-cut stickers to deliver instant happiness. Die-cut stickers conform to the shape of your image, which is the ultimate in custom sticker marketing. StickerYou Die-Cut Stickers are here to make you stick!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of surfaces can my die-cut stickers stick to?
A:  Die-cut stickers can be stuck to pretty much any surface! Because of their thickness, our die-cut stickers can stick to many uneven facets without tearing. If you wish to remove your die-cut sticker, we recommend applying it to smooth flat surfaces for best results.

Q: Can I put die-cut stickers on a baseball helmet or other round surface?
A: Because our vinyl sticker material stretches better than BOPP materials, it is possible to apply them perfectly on rounded surfaces, although they may not adhere well to perfect spheres.

Q: How thick are your die-cut stickers?
A: Our die-cut stickers are printed on high quality vinyl approximately 0.15mm in thickness, the same thickness as your average cardstock paper.

Q: I want the shape of my die-cut sticker to be contoured around the shape of my design. Will this cost extra?
A: Nope! Our die-cut singles are similarly priced to our other vinyl stickers. As with most of our other sticker products, we have no order minimums on our die-cut stickers. Order as many or as little die-cut stickers as you want, the cost will be the same no matter what shape your design is in!

Q: Is it difficult to apply my die-cut stickers?
A: Die-cut sticker application is incredibly simple! After peeling the back off your die-cut sticker, we recommend you apply your die-cut sticker starting from the middle first. From there, smooth out any air bubbles with a card and your hand. To remove your die-cut stickers, simple pick an edge or corner and start peeling away (because of their thickness, getting a good grip on a die-cut sticker is effortless).

Q: Can I customize the size of the white border on my die-cut stickers?
A: At StickerYou we take customization very seriously from image to edge! The white border on die-cut stickers is 1/10” to avoid cutting into your sticker’s image. However, this border can be changed to be any color you like - and we do mean any color. To avoid a white border and create a custom bleed effect, use the eyedropper tool in our sticker editor to create a border of the outermost color of your sticker, or a transparent one. Watch a quick how-to video here.

Q: Do die-cut stickers take longer to make than your other sticker products?
A: Absolutely not! As soon as your submit your order, your design goes under review and is sent directly to the printer! Printing, cutting, and shipping die-cut stickers takes only 4-10 days. Your die-cut stickers will be bundled up and stacked to minimize damage and maximize die-cut-sticking efficiency, then delivered to your door.

Q: There’s a part of my die-cut sticker that I’d like to have cut out, is there a way to select that online?
A: Unfortunately, having a second die-cut within your die-cut sticker is impossible at this time due to our die-cut sticker printing process. If you’d like part of your logo or design to have cut-outs, you can easily achieve so with our vinyl graphics!

Q: Why should I order from StickerYou rather than a local printer?
A: StickerYou has no order minimums, which keeps shipping costs low and efficiency high for all our Canadian orders!

Product features
No Minimums
Die Cut to Any Size
Durable, Strong Adhesive
Removable Without Residue
Microwave Safe
CMYK + White Ink
Clear Vinyl Material

FAQs - Clear Die-Cut Stickers

Q: How do I prepare my files when printing clear die-cut stickers?

A: When preparing your artwork files for printing a clear die-cut sticker, the most important consideration is ensuring that your artwork has transparent areas.  Transparent areas will show as transparent when the artwork is printed. You also have to ensure that you save your artwork in a file format which supports transparencies such as a PNG.   JPEGs and GIFs, for example, do not support transparencies.

Q: How can I ensure that my artwork has transparent areas?

A: It is best to preview your artwork in a program which can visually show you transparent areas.  Some programs will show backgrounds as checkerboards, thus any area where you see a checker board is transparent.

Q: These stickers are removable, so will they fall off?

A: No, these stickers will stay on the surface to which they were applied, but can also be removed when needed.  The difference between these removable stickers and permanent stickers is that these stickers can be easily removed when needed vs permanent stickers which are typically very hard to remove and may cause damage to the surface on which they were applied.

Q: Are these clear die-cut stickers water, dishwasher and freezer safe?

A: These stickers are certainly freezer safe and water repellant.  They will also withstand some use in the dishwasher, however due to the lamination and the thickness of these stickers they are not recommended for repeated dishwasher use.

Reviews (273)

Yotpo Reviewer: Virginia W.
Virginia W. Verified Buyer


I ordered logo stickers for my podcast and they are great. The quality is nice and I'm happy with what I got!

Yotpo Reviewer: Jack M.
Jack M. Verified Buyer


High quality! Very satisfied. Ordered one sticker of each and got sent two extra which was nice.

Yotpo Reviewer: francesca i.
francesca i. Verified Buyer


really happy with my stickers, will be ordering again very soon!

Yotpo Reviewer: Greg G.
Greg G. Verified Buyer


Great quality all around without a single hitch. Will be ordering more from this company. They kept the design abs formatting process simple. The materials are high quality and the delivery time was impeccable.

Yotpo Reviewer: Andrew K.
Andrew K. Verified Buyer


Awesome quality paired with awesome service!

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