Clear Die-Cut Stickers

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Our clear die-cut stickers are made from a clear vinyl and are laminated for high durability. As a result of the lamination process these stickers also have a great in-hand feel with an impressive 5.5 mil thickness. These stickers offer high adhesion strength while still being removable. Learn More Learn More



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More About Clear Die-Cut Sticker Singles

Our clear die-cut stickers are a cut above the competition!  These amazing stickers are custom die-cut to the shape of your artwork, printed on highest quality printers with white ink and laminated for an impressive feel and long lasting durability.  These stickers are great as give-aways due to their substantial thickness and premium feel, perfect for branding and events. If you are looking for a die-cut sticker and your artwork has any transparent areas these stickers are perfect for you.  Any transparencies in your artwork will be clear once the sticker is applied to a surface delivering a smooth look which integrates well with the background surface. These stickers are also great for any backlit surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I prepare my files when printing clear die-cut stickers?
A: When preparing your artwork files for printing a clear die-cut sticker, the most important consideration is ensuring that your artwork has transparent areas.  Transparent areas will show as transparent when the artwork is printed. You also have to ensure that you save your artwork in a file format which supports transparencies such as a PNG.   JPEGs and GIFs, for example, do not support transparencies.

Q: How can I ensure that my artwork has transparent areas?
A: It is best to preview your artwork in a program which can visually show you transparent areas.  Some programs will show backgrounds as checkerboards, thus any area where you see a checker board is transparent.

Q: These stickers are removable, so will they fall off?
A: No, these stickers will stay on the surface to which they were applied, but can also be removed when needed.  The difference between these removable stickers and permanent stickers is that these stickers can be easily removed when needed vs permanent stickers which are typically very hard to remove and may cause damage to the surface on which they were applied.

Q: Are these clear die-cut stickers water, dishwasher and freezer safe?
A: These stickers are certainly freezer safe and water repellant.  They will also withstand some use in the dishwasher, however due to the lamination and the thickness of these stickers they are not recommended for repeated dishwasher use.

Product Features
No Minimums
Die Cut to Any Size
Durable, Strong Adhesive
Removable Without Residue
Microwave Safe
CMYK + White Ink
Clear Vinyl Material

Reviews (56)

Nick A. Verified Buyer


Oh man. This is my second time ordering from you guys and I’m blown away yet again. I can fully trust you all for any of my print needs. Thank you for the quality control - emailing me to make sure that I’m getting exactly what I wanted is top tier. The cuts were fantastic and the color was pristine. Thanks again!

jessica p. Verified Buyer


Supper happy with my order, I only ordered one and got sent 3 so that was really amazing as well put on on the car the other I put on a gaming computer desk and poxyed over it, so happy thank you

Denis B. Verified Buyer


Excellence du service, livraison rapide, qualité du produit et facilité d'utilisation. Merci

Debra F. Verified Buyer


Product was exactly what was ordered and arrived early than expected! A++++

ruben n. Verified Buyer


Amazing job and attention to detail.