Allergy Labels

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StickerYou’s durable, waterproof and dishwasher-safe allergy labels identify your child’s allergies clearly on all their belongings. Keeping your child’s water bottles, Tupperware and travel gear allergen-free has never been so easy or so stylish!

$9.99 for 1 page of labels
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More About Allergy Labels

Allergy attacks can be scary, and depending on how strong the allergy, they can be quite severe. For a way to try to help keep those attacks from happening use allergy labels from StickerYou! From the common food allergies, like a peanut allergy, milk, or eggs, make labels listing you or a loved one’s different allergies. You can stick them on lunches, backpacks, water bottles, and all their food containers. If the allergies are really severe, as peanut allergies can be, you can make the labels to stick on just about anything.

Make the labels including your contact phone number in case of emergency, and an icon of what they’re allergic to. You can also just keep it simple and use an allergy icon with their name. If you want to reuse containers, you can leave the labels on as they will stick strong through the dishwasher!

Product Features
Writable with Permanent Marker
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Removable Without Residue
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Any Size, Any Shape
UV Coated

Reviews (149)

Helene D. Verified Buyer


Love stickeryou and the stickers I made. From the design tool, to the time it took to receive my order, to the customer service, everything was great. I loved that the sheet of stickers can be customized with multiple designs. There was an issue with 2 pages of stickers - the top row was blurry - the customer service team resolved the issue promptly. I highly recommend.

Sherrie R. Verified Buyer


Turned out great!

Sindu M. Verified Buyer


Neat and fast

Gloria C. Verified Buyer


For any type of job they are the best option ever.

Vicky F. Verified Buyer


So easy to customize and excellent customer service just checking to ensure what I ordered was exactly what I wanted!