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StickerYou vs. Water

November 21, 2014  |  
weatherproof stickers

They look pretty, but WILL THEY LAST?

Stickers, decals, labels, window clings, and temporary tattoos are just some of the many sticky products we can custom create for our clients. They are used in the home, in businesses, at schools and more. Our technology is state-of the art and customers love the appearance of their labels and stickers in the end, but there is always that one finally nagging questions. Will they last?


Yes. They will last. We didn't invest all this time and resources in building a printing system and custom die-cut algorithm just to cheap out on material that won't stand up to a balmy spring breeze. Folks, these stickers, labels and decals are created to endure the elements, your kids, your pets, detergents, appliances and more. Here are some quick facts:

- Vinyl decals stick best to flat surfaces, however we do have decals that will adhere to rougher surfaces and even carpet. Depending on which surface you intend to stick your custom stickers, labels and decals to, we offer a couple different adhesive options from removable to reusable or permanent.

- All stickers, labels and decals are customized to any shape, or size you need. So if they need to be created to fit a very specific space and shape, we can do that. the better it fits, the longer it will last.

- The stickers, labels, and decals are UV fade resistant, heat resistant and waterproof. They can be put through the carwash, dishwasher, microwave and will stay stuck and looking great.

- UV coating gives the material a high quality shine while helping to protect against abrasion and wear, so the products continue to look new.

More information and facts about StickerYou product quality can be found here. And, as always, we would be happy to answer any questions ourselves. Please message customer service