Sticky Brand Engagement

So many great brands today are engaging with their fans online like never before. Let StickerYou empower your fans to interact and share your brand with the world!

See how StickerYou and Bauer Hockey have partnered up to enable fans to make custom Bauer helmet stickers online. These helmet stickers are great for individual players who want to decorate their gear, as well as teams to brand their entire squad!

Working with Coca-Cola and their iCoke Rewards redemption program, StickerYou empowered Coke fans to make their own custom Coke stickers by redeeming reward points, who then went on to cover their laptops, cars, skateboards and notebooks with one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

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How it works:
  • Brand buys bulk promotion codes from StickerYou to distribute to their fans
  • Fans receive promotion codes from brand (e.g. via social media)
  • Fans make custom branded products at StickerYou and checkout with their promo code
  • Each brand’s unique engagement, IP protection/art, and custom product needs are preserved while using StickerYou’s easy-to-use platform
Why it works:
  • Fans love to create custom products and personalize their experiences
  • Fans love to showcase their creations to their friends
  • Fans create thousands of online and offline impressions, thereby generating great media value, product awareness and market penetration
  • Your brand triggers the engagement, but fans take it to a higher level and shares it with the world
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StickerYou offers Bauer Customers Custom Helmet Stickers