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Make custom permanent stickers for property identification, warning labels, safety stickers, or everyday use. With StickerYou's permanent stickers, you can ensure these stickers won’t be easily removed, making them perfect for safety stickers and outdoor use. They also work great on clothing tags! Learn More Learn More



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More About Permanent Stickers
Make anything that matters to you stick permanently with our permanent stickers! Our permanent stickers offer a longer lasting stick than our removable vinyl material, as well as most other materials and surfaces. Permanent stickers will stick strong and last long on any surface, so you can use them on hats, reusable lunch boxes, air conditioning units, and more! Made out of durable vinyl material, our permanent stickers are also weather resistant, will last in the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and even in the washing machine and dryer.

Create custom permanent stickers to customize your belongings, whether you use them for property identification, warning labels, safety stickers, clothing tags, and more! Our custom permanent stickers will stick on all flat surfaces, canvas, paper, plastic, glass, wood, and metal, making them the best permanent stickers for your products. Plus, there’s no limit in size, shape and quantity! To create custom permanent stickers, click on the Make Permanent Stickers button above. From there, you can upload your own artwork or choose from thousands of designs with our Sticker Maker!

When it comes to the physical adhesive on our products, permanent white vinyl has the strongest "stick". This makes them great for the most industrial applications. It's even durable enough to hold up outdoors under the strongest weather conditions. Got a boat, kayak, or canoe? Permanent stickers will also stay stuck to the underside! When it comes to format options, you can have your permanent stickers delivered as handouts (kiss-cut singles), or full 8.5x11" pages.

If you're going to be using your permanent stickers as handouts, your best bet would be to order kiss-cut singles. This makes them great for handing out at events like trade shows, conferences, or networking parties. Print your business logo as permanent stickers, so your clients and peers can put them on industrial surfaces and rep your brand no matter how harsh the conditions. If you'll be using these permanent stickers for personal use, you may be better off ordering them as full pages, so you can simply peel and apply.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for permanent stickers?
A: Nope! You can order as many or as little permanent stickers as you'd like. Our permanent vinyl stickers have no order minimums, meaning you can order as little as a single 8.5x11" page. This makes them great for testing out packaging ideas, or getting some branding without making a commitment to order a ton of product. Keep in mind, the more pages you order, the more you save. We offer bulk pricing for larger order quantities, so if you're considering stocking up, you might as well!

Q: How do I know if I should order pages or handouts for my permanent stickers?
A: This is all up to personal preference. The pricing in most situations is very similar, so it comes down to whether you'd like to have your product placed on 8.5x11" pages, where you can peel them directly off the page and apply them, or receive them as stacked handouts. In general, handouts are better if you're going to be handing out, giving away, or selling your stickers. If you'll be applying your permanent stickers to a surface or a product, pages is often sufficient.

Q: Can my permanent vinyl stickers have a clear backing?
A: Unfortuantely not. Due to the extremely tough adhesive, we cannot print permanent stickers on clear vinyl. This means they must be ordered on standard white vinyl. Keep in mind, you can change the background color of your design to whatever you'd like (just make sure you upload your artwork with a transparent background if you'd like to change it!)

Q: How do I know how many permanent stickers I can fit per page?
A: This depends solely on the final size of your design. When you upload your artwork to our Sticker Maker, you'll follow the steps to complete your design. Once you're done that, you can choose your final size in inches. Our website will automatically calculate the number of stickers that will fit per page, and give you a price breakdown based on total number of pages. As a general reference, a 2x2" sticker can fit 20-up per page.

Q: Can you write on permanent stickers?
A: With a permanent marker you can. For best results, we recommend using our matte vinyl stickers or writable roll labels.

Q: What types of files can I upload to the sticker editor?
A: You can upload Jpegs, Gifs, or PNGs directly to our sticker editor and it will then create a die-cut to the shape of your image.  

If you want a precise die-cut for your artwork, you can use Adobe Illustrator to create it, and save the file as a PDF with the cut-path and upload this PDF file into our Editor. For details on how to create and upload a PDF we have a link for you right here- The maximum file size is 25MB and the resolution at actual print size of 150 dpi. 

If you don’t have an artwork file or design in mind, we have thousands of images in our StickerYou artbank to choose from, as well as text and colour to create your own artwork directly in our editor!

Q: I’m looking for a specific sizing of 5.5”x2.75” for my sticker, is this possible?
A: Yes it is! You can adjust the sizing directly in the sticker editor to get what you’re looking for. Go to the Create Now blue text at the top of the page to get started. Need help? Contact [email protected]

Q: What’s the smallest size I can order permanent stickers at?
A: The smallest size in our editor is at 0.75”x0.75”. Need smaller than that? Contact [email protected] and a sales representative will look into it further with you.

Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: While we don’t offer free samples with your own artwork, we do provide sample booklets we can send you. In the booklets are a variety of different products we offer so you can get an idea of what works best for you. If you’d like to have one sent to you, contact [email protected]. They can also then help with any questions you may have as well!

Q: I have a design in mind but it needs to be professionally created, can you do that?
A: Yes we can! We have a dedicated art services team that can help you create a new graphic from a concept you have in mind, or tweak your graphic to make it suitable for printing (ie. vectorization, recreation, etc). If you're interested in this, simply send your artwork or concept to [email protected] - our art team will reach out to you with a quote. If you're not looking to hire a graphic artist for design services, we also have a plethora of design tools that you can leverage to help improve your design, or create one from scratch!

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Writable with Permanent Marker
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Applies to Clothing Tags
Durable, Strong Adhesive
Any Size, Any Shape

Reviews (1401)

George B. Verified Buyer


Very good product. Only quibble is that I was led to believe that the dots I purchased would stick more permanently. They are too easy to remove for the application I had in mind.

Logan B. Verified Buyer


Great service and awesome staff

Lindsay S. Verified Buyer


They turned out great. Exactly what I was hoping for. Came in very quickly.

Adolfo G. Verified Buyer


As expected! Thanks guys.

Michelle W. Verified Buyer


Came super quick, and great quality