Durable Roll Labels

Durable BOPP roll labels Durable BOPP roll labels Durable BOPP roll labels Durable BOPP roll labels
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StickerYou roll labels are excellent for packaging labels. These paper laminate labels have a permanent adhesive and are a great label solution for food or bottle labelling. You can order as little as 250 roll labels up to any quantity you need. They come in any size (up to 7.5”) and are die-cut to the exact shape your image requires.

$111.12 per 250 labels

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Oil Resistant

More About Durable Roll Labels

Sometimes tougher jobs require tougher products, therefore we’ve made our most durable roll label yet, to withstand even the toughest of conditions. Our durable roll labels are made with a plastic based BOPP material that’s designed to withstand the elements. Above that, our durable roll labels are waterproof, heatproof, UV fade resistant, oil resistant, and  abrasion resistant, so whatever you put your product through your customized roll label stays where you need it. Still not durable enough for you? We use a permanent adhesive on our durable roll labels so the first thing they stick to is the only thing they stick too! Your durable roll labels can be customized into any size and cut into any shape, ensuring even the most wild designs won’t go anywhere. Even though these roll labels are tough, they go on smooth and are easy to apply. When you need to worry about the tough jobs, you shouldn’t have to worry about your labels. Make what matters stick no matter what and order your custom durable roll labels from StickerYou!

Want to compare packaging label materials? View our Packaging Labels Product Quality Chart.

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I designed a sticker for use with my company shipments. StickerYou went above and beyond in making the sure the end product was professional and clear. The process was fast and I'm thrilled with the results.


StickerYou.com was a pleasure to work with, although we did not need to speak to a real person, we found that their website is easy to navigate and it made creating our custom stickers a breeze! As a non-profit charity we are always looking for the best prices we can find and StickerYou.com was it! Our custom roll stickers went through production extremely fast and we received them within 7-10 business days of placing our order. The white vinyl is very durable (as we are shipping our stickers on boxes overseas to our troops and around the country) - they don't fade and they have held up with any weather they may endure along the way...and they actually stick and stay (we haven't tried removing them once they have been placed on a box). We highly recommend StickYou.com for your sticker needs - we will be back! THANK YOU!!


The ordering process is top of the line! They stick well and the color is accurate. Shipping was fast!


Unbelievable Service and quality for the price!


We've ordered similar stickers/labels from other companies for over a decade. These were WAY less expensive but equal in quality. Very happy with this purchase.

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