Durable Roll Labels

Durable BOPP roll labels Durable BOPP roll labels Durable BOPP roll labels Durable BOPP roll labels
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Durable roll labels are built to last! They are waterproof, tear resistant, and oil resistant make them idea for labelling a variety of heavily used items. The white BOPP material has high quality color reproduction ensuring detailed designs will turn out looking great.

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Product Features

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Durable, Strong Adhesive


Any Size, Any Shape

No Set-Up Fees

4 Color Printing

Oil Resistant

More About Durable Roll Labels

Sometimes tougher jobs require tougher products, therefore we’ve made our most durable roll label yet, to withstand even the toughest of conditions. Our durable roll labels are made with a plastic based BOPP material that’s designed to withstand the elements. Above that, our durable roll labels are waterproof, heatproof, UV fade resistant, oil resistant, and  abrasion resistant, so whatever you put your product through your customized roll label stays where you need it. Still not durable enough for you? We use a permanent adhesive on our durable roll labels so the first thing they stick to is the only thing they stick too! Your durable roll labels can be customized into any size and cut into any shape, ensuring even the most wild designs won’t go anywhere. Even though these roll labels are tough, they go on smooth and are easy to apply. When you need to worry about the tough jobs, you shouldn’t have to worry about your labels. Make what matters stick no matter what and order your custom durable roll labels from StickerYou!

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Everything went great! They thought my sticker design was too small. They contacted (via email)me to be sure that’s how I wanted it. I explained it was a tiny sticker for a small product and they put the order through. The stickers are perfect. Only problem was that day of email exchanges caused a delay in production. Not their fault- had I not procrastinated for weeks, my emergency is not their problem- but I did miss delivery for my major trade show. Again- my fault!!! Good company. Thorough. Don’t procrastinate and order your stickers NOW!


Got one order delivered very quickly and they were amazing so I ordered another batch of another kind !!! Thanks


Loved the stickers. They looked great


Great Product!


labels came out wonderful. Bright color, clear printing.

I am making:

Same design printed on pages, rolls or hand-outs
More than one design on a page
More than one design on a page

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