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Looking for a cost-effective, premium solution to showcase your brand? Our Image Transfer Stickers allow you to get a sleek, 3D finish using your custom sticker design and artwork that magically applies anywhere to any desired surface while leaving no background or extra material behind.

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    2” x 2”

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    UV-curable Ink

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    USD 37.00

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More About Image Transfer Stickers

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Printed on a image transfer material, UV-coated, and cured, our Custom Image Transfer Stickers are nothing short of luxury. Once applied, Image Transfer Stickers will leave a permanent, 3D-like finish - perfect for adorning products, equipment, or various objects with your company logo, art elements, or marketing message.

Unique Features of Our Custom Image Transfer Stickers

The biggest difference between this custom image transfer sticker product and our other stickers is that only the image area remains once applied. Each of our Image Transfer Stickers is composed of three material layers. The initial layer of any transfer sticker is the paper backing of the image transfer material. The second layer of the image transfer sticker comprises the transfer sticker material. Finally, the third layer of our image transfer stickers is the transfer tape, which is applied over the top of your sticker design. This tape is the adhesive that keeps all the individual components of your sticker design together after you peel off the paper backing.

Image Transfer Stickers Resistance Qualities

Our Image Transfer Stickers feature a scratch-resistant, durable application that is waterproof, lightfast (meaning it will not fade or discolor when exposed to light), and built to stay put once applied. The sticker material itself is also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Available in any quantity, custom Image Transfer Stickers can be printed in multiple colors and virtually any shape - as they don’t have a die-cut!

Transfer Cutting

Transfer Cutting is the process of picking or weeding a sticker or decals and then applying transfer tape over it. This technique is most commonly used for vinyl lettering.

With the transfer cut option, we precisely cut the transfer sticker material into your specified shape, graphic, or text. Any unwanted or excess material is carefully removed, ensuring no background on your sticker. Subsequently, we apply a transfer tape over the remaining cut pieces of your sticker design elements. This tape securely holds all the individual components of your image transfer stickers in place.

Product features
Transfers in Under 30 Seconds
Easy to Apply
Durable, Strong Adhesive
Any Size, Any Shape
UV Coated

FAQs - Image Transfer Stickers

Q: What Is Transfer Tape?

A: Transfer tape, also known as application tape, is a paper or plastic film that serves to keep all the individual components of an image transfer sticker in place, simplifying the application process. After affixing the sticker to your chosen surface, you can effortlessly remove the transfer tape to reveal your sticker.

Q: Do image transfer stickers really magically transfer to anything and everything?

A: Yes, you can magically transfer your custom Image Transfer Stickers to a wide array of hard surfaces - ranging from glass, ceramic, and plastic, to metal, wood, concrete, leather, and so much more. This makes them perfect for adding your branding to things like company equipment, products and packaging, storefront windows and walls, and any other desired surface. Personalize your laptop, mug, and other mid-sized objects or even your car window with quality image transfer stickers from StickerYou.

Q: Do Image Transfer Stickers have a minimum order quantity & size?

A: Yes! You can order as little as 10 image transfer stickers and as many as 1000. The minimum size is 1 x 1 in, and the maximum is 8.5 x 11 in. And remember, the more you order, the more you save - so don’t be afraid to stock up!

Q: Do Image Transfer Stickers have any background or leftover material once applied?

A: They do not! Image Transfer stickers arrive with both transfer tape and vinyl backing applied to the design you print. This means that once you peel the front layer, apply your sticker, and peel the back layer - all you’re left with is the image area.

Q: How can I order image transfer decals?

A: To get started, you can get a quote through this webpage. If you’d prefer to contact us directly, you can contact [email protected] to get assigned a dedicated product expert.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, we do. We ship to all ends of the world - it’s time to create your custom masterpiece!

Q: Is there a minimum recommended size for different design elements?

A: Yes! To ensure the best results possible, we recommend that each design takes into consideration the following minimums:

  • •Minimum Line Width: 0.16 in or 0.41 cm
  • •Min Dot Width: 0.16 in or 0.41 cm
  • •Min Letter Font Size: 15 pt
Q: Are Image Transfers household dishwasher-safe?

A: Yes, they are! For better durability, apply Image Transfers to plastics or textured surfaces such as metal and ceramic. Make sure the product cools and dries completely after each dishwasher cycle, as it could shift when it is still hot. Keep in mind that Image Transfers, when applied on glass are not dishwasher-safe; they are still waterproof and safe for handwashing.

Q: What are some non-recommended application surfaces for Image Transfer Stickers?

A: Image Transfer Stickers are not suitable for application on fabrics, silicone, or glazed surfaces, whether the surface is hard or soft. Moreover, they are not suitable for application on highly polished or reflective surfaces. Are you looking for a product that can be applied soft surfaces, like fabric? Feel free to check out our Custom Solid Iron-ons.

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