Flat Pouches

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Flat Pouches

Outstanding products outstanding packaging. Let’s face it, manually applying your own product labels can be both time consuming and difficult. Oftentimes the end result is less than perfect - leaving you both sticky hands and misaligned labels. Using our flat packaging pouches, you can create vivid, precision cut labels, and have them automatically applied after printing. Discover the world of packaging pouches, and give your packaging the sleek, modern look it deserves.
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More About Flat Pouches

Flat packaging pouches are perfect for conserving space, especially if you operate in the e-commerce space, or are looking to ship these pouches. Stack them horizontally on shelves, or suspend vertically using the hang hooks! Select from a variety of different pouch sizes and colors, and explore the ability to completely customize your labels. We’ll ship the finished product directly to your doorstep, saving you the time and hassle of prepping your own product packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do flat pouches work? Will I have to apply the stickers on the pouches myself?

A:You don’t! Click on the link above to select the pouch type best for you. It will bring you to the editor where you can add your artwork for the labels. When your artwork is ready and you’re still in the editor you can select which label material you want for your pouch and add it to your cart when ready. When you receive your order, the labels will be applied to your packages ready to use!

Q: Is there a minimum number of pouches I can order?

A:Yes, because it is a speciality product the minimum you can order is 100 pouches.

Q: What label materials can I order for my pouches?

A: The options you can order are paper/permanent labels, clear labels, silver foil labels, and glossy permanent labels.

Q: I need help with my order! What do I do?

A: Contact [email protected] and we can help you with your order.

Q: I’d like my packaging pouches to stand-up, which product should I pick?

A: Sure thing! Check out our Stand-Up Packaging Pouches page, where you can select from a variety of pouches that are built to stand tall, making them perfect for shelf display and storefronts.

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Yotpo Reviewer: Shiela S.
Shiela S. Verified Buyer


Customer was really pleased with their order that they ordered some more.

Yotpo Reviewer: Joshua B.
Joshua B. Verified Buyer


Looks great

Yotpo Reviewer: Annie B.
Annie B. Verified Buyer


Perfect pouches for our Pest Deterrent

Yotpo Reviewer: Lisa B.
Lisa B. Verified Buyer


Worked perfect

Yotpo Reviewer: Sarah H.
Sarah H. Verified Buyer


I am so very appreciative and thankful for StickerYou! Not o my are the products fabulous, the rep I worked with during the designing and ordering process (Alvira) was an absolute gem. She answered all of my questions and concerns in such a quick fashion, it made the whole process so easy. I thought it was going to be stressful, and it was not! Thanks again and I will be back again soon for kore items!