Find the right Flat
pouches for you

Available in a variety of pouch sizes, finishes, and label materials, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect packaging pairing. Customize your specs to build the product that best suits your application.

# Clear Pouches with Silver Back Glossy White Pouches Kraft Paper Pouches Matte Black Pouches
Description See-through finish allows your product to show through Vivid, bright white material offers a clean look Natural,homegrown look and feel Sleek, non-shine finish for a deeper, darker aesthetic
Great For
  • •Packaging
  • •All-in-one solution
  • •Packaging
  • •All-in-one solution
  • •Packaging
  • •All-in-one solution
  • •Packaging
  • •All-in-one solution
WaterProof Dependent on label material selection Dependent on label material selection Dependent on label material selection Dependent on label material selection
Bubble Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Die-Cut Yes, applied labels are die-cut Yes, applied labels are die-cut Yes, applied labels are die-cut Yes, applied labels are die-cut

FAQs - Flat Pouches

Q: How do flat pouches work? Will I have to apply the stickers on the pouches myself?

A: You don’t! Simply decide on the pouch colors you want and follow the steps to fill in the rest of the details. Choose the appropriate bag sizes, whether bigger or smaller, indicate the quantity, and click the 'CREATE POUCHES NOW' button. It will bring you to the editor where you can upload your artwork for the labels. When your artwork is ready and you’re still in the editor you can select which label material you want for your pouch and add it to your cart when ready. When you receive the product you ordered, the labels will be applied to your packages ready to use!

Q: Is there a minimum number of pouches I can order?

A: Yes, because it is a speciality product the minimum you can order is 100 pouches.

Q: What label materials can I choose for my flat pouche?

A: The options you can select from are gloss, matte, paper/permanent labels, clear labels, and smooth silver foil labels.

Q: I need help with my order! What do I do?

A: Contact [email protected] and we can help you with your order.

Q: I d like my packaging pouches to stand-up, which product should I pick?

A: Sure thing! Check out our Stand-Up Packaging Pouches page, where you can select from a variety of options that are built to stand tall, making them perfect for shelf display and storefronts.

Q: What are the benefits of ordering Flat Pouches?

A: Resealable pouches keep your product fresh, allowing customers to use it at their convenience without having to consume it all at once.

Q: What are Flat Pouches ideal for?

A: Our overall pouches product category is ideal if you’re looking for an all in one packaging solution for your smaller sized products. Customize your pouch size and finish, as well as the machine applied labels they arrive with!

Reviews (8)

Yotpo Reviewer: Marie K.
Marie K. Verified Buyer


the Pouches were great and so was the price. My only issue was that they were not really accomodating when I needed to make a change to my label. Make sure you upload the right one because once it's uploaded there is no going back!

Yotpo Reviewer: Shiela S.
Shiela S. Verified Buyer


Customer was really pleased with their order that they ordered some more.

Yotpo Reviewer: Joshua B.
Joshua B. Verified Buyer


Looks great

Yotpo Reviewer: Annie B.
Annie B. Verified Buyer


Perfect pouches for our Pest Deterrent

Yotpo Reviewer: Lisa B.
Lisa B. Verified Buyer


Worked perfect