Custom Packaging Pouches

Starting as low as $0.53 per label

Custom Packaging Pouches

Outstanding products deserve outstanding packaging. Let’s face it, manually applying your own product labels can be both time consuming and difficult. Oftentimes the end result is less than perfect, and leaves you with sticky hands and misaligned labels. Using our packaging pouches, you can create vivid, custom cut labels, and have them automatically applied after printing. Discover the world of packaging pouches, and give your packaging the sleek, modern look it deserves.
Select from a variety of different pouch sizes and colors, and explore the ability to completely customize your labels and their application. We’ll ship the finished product directly to your doorstep, saving you the time and hassle of prepping your own product packaging.
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More About Packaging Pouches

Gone are the days of having to shop around to find suppliers for different components of your packaging, we offer everything you need in one convenient place. Create your external labels, with your logo and product information, then select the packaging pouch that best compliments your branding. This results in a seamless, efficient packaging process, and saves your hard earned time and budget. Achieve the professional, high-quality branded look at a fraction of the cost other traditional methods of printing offer!

Your finished look can be completed in just a few clicks of your mouse. First, design your labels at your desired shape and size. After that, select your packaging pouch, size, and color. You can order your pouches in quantities as low as 100 units. Give your business that branding makeover it needs, and create consistent, high quality packaging for your product mix with packaging pouches!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What colors and material options do I have for my packaging pouches?
A: We currently offer four diverse and unique color options. They include: matte black, kraft, silver, and glossy white. The matte black, kraft, and glossy white materials are solid color on both sides, and the silver material has a clear, windowed front, allowing your product to show through.

Q: Why should I print my packaging with StickerYou?
A: At StickerYou, you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to customization and personalization. We offer the ability to upload your own artwork directly to our website and create your products in just a few minutes. Alongside this, we’re an e-commerce company, meaning we’re here for you every step of the way. If you prefer to work with a sales representative, we offer both live chat and email support!

Q: How precise is the label application process?
A: We aim to have your label perfectly centered on the flat surface of the pouches. With that being said, please note that due to the labeler machine accuracy the labels may be shifted by 2 millimeters to the right, left, up or down. It may also be rotated by 2 degrees (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

Q: Are your packaging pouches stand-up or flat format?
A: That’s completely up to you! We offer both stand-up and flat variations for each of the four different colors available. Flat pouches are great for holding multiple small products, such as earrings and jewellery. Stand-up pouches are ideal for loose items such as coffee and tea, dried fruits, supplements, and herbal apothecary.

Q: How many packaging pouches do I need to order?
A: One of the many great things about StickerYou is the flexibility to order both small and large run quantities. Packaging pouches can be ordered in as little as 100 units, and up to a thousand! This allows you to experience our high quality, custom products, regardless of your business size. Keep in mind, the more you order, the more you’ll save, so it’s always a good time to stock up!

Q: I’m interested - where do I begin?
A: To get started, simply head over to our Sticker Maker. From here, you can select your pouch, and begin the customization process. If you’d prefer to work with a product expert, you can contact our team at [email protected].