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Make jar labels for your homemade jams, sauces, or label your jars in your kitchen and pantry. Jar labels are great for gifting, branding and organizing. Personalize with your color theme, upload your logo or choose from our designs.

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More About Jar Labels

Whether you use Ball, Bernardin, or any kind of mason, the best label for any jar is a custom jar label from StickerYou! Use them as decor, drinkware, or for homemade preserves and pickles; no matter what your jars are for, StickerYou has the label to cover all your canning needs. Get jar labels that can wrap around the outside of your jar, or create two different labels for the front and back of your jar.

Making labels with our online label editor is simple and economical, as you can fit multiple labels on one page. StickerYou also lets you customize the size of the labels for jars, so all of your jar labels will be the perfect fit for any size jar you have. StickerYou also lets you make custom jar labels for the lids of your jars, so every part of your jar contains a little part of you and your brand. Our jar labels are all freezer-safe, waterproof, dishwasher friendly, and can be written on with marker or pen so you can completely personalize your jar labels with best before dates, ingredients or gift recipients’ names. Preserve what matters most and make it stick with StickerYou!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many jar labels can I order?
A: That's totally up to you! The decision is in your hands when it comes to the quantity you'd like to print. Thanks to our proprietary printing and die-cut technology, we have the capability to print orders of all sizes. This means we can print as little as one single page of labels for jars, or well into the thousands if you have a large project in mind! We also have the ability to print different designs or sizes on the same page, allowing you to experiment with different branding, or print small batch orders without having to meet a minimum order quantity. Keep in mind, the more pages you order, the lower the cost will become for each page, so it's never a bad idea to stock up on some awesome labels!

Q: How many labels can I fit on a single page?
A: This all comes down to the final size of your product. For example, if you're printing 2x2" jar labels, you can fit 20 labels up on a single page. When creating your order in the Sticker Maker, you'll see a breakdown of how many labels you can according to the size you'd like to print. If you'd like to fit more or less, you can always modify your size accordingly! In general, if you're more than 250 units, we also urge you to consider printing on our roll label material, as this is often the most cost effective and efficient option for your business.

Q: Are Jar Labels writable?
A: They are! We suggest using a permanent marker, or using our matte labels for best results.

Q: Can I make jar labels with a clear background?
A: Absolutely! When you click on the blue Make Jar Labels button, then click on a template you’re looking for. Once you have that selected, you can upload your own artwork as a 1up and select clear vinyl when you’re editing it. You can also adjust the size to fit as well.

Q: I want to make my jar labels a custom shape, but I only see templates from the button above. Can this be done?
A: Yes it can! If you go to the Create Now link at the top of this page, upload your artwork to our editor. From there, you can select to have your labels cut to the shape of your artwork or even from a larger variety of shapes from our menu. Need help? Contact [email protected] and a member of our team will look into it with you.

Q: Can I make jar labels any size, I only see the templates available? I have a specific size I’m looking for my label.
A: Yes you can! We have the templates as a guide for standard jar labels. However, to make your own sizing, click on the Create Now button at the top of the page. Select the material and format you’d like to use, and once in the editor and have your artwork uploaded, you can adjust the size down to the 0.1” you’re looking for! Need help? Contact [email protected].

Q: What finishes can I select from for my custom jar labels?
A: At StickerYou, we offer a wide variety of available finishes, in order to ensure you are able to select the perfect material that suits your use cases. If you'd like an opaque finish and background, we would recommend you print on our removable white vinyl material. This allows you to have a white or colored background, printed on a thick white vinyl. If you prefer a translucent finish on a clear background, we also offer a clear removable vinyl material. This is perfect for situations where you'd like more of a see-through finish (for example, if you'd like to showcase the product in your jar that is behind your labels). If you would like to find out some additional info on our variety of materials, you can check out this blog post!

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Reviews (1726)

Charlotte R. Verified Buyer


I used them as personal touches for my daughter’s 4th birthday. They turned out beautifully! Customer service was also great, catching an error I made and allowing me to correct it before final printing. Will definitely be ordering from Sticker You again!

Bianca R. Verified Buyer


These are without a doubt the best stickers I have ever ordered. Their quality is superb! The shipping speed was also extremely prompt. They are the only online retailer that I was able to order custom size (2.5in X 2.5in) stickers. I am SO happy that I have found this company. I can’t wait to order more stickers from them in the future!

Lindsay S. Verified Buyer


They were very clear and perfect!

Brittany G. Verified Buyer


They came out amazing. The results of these stickers always hit the mark. The perfect touch to out gender reveal!!

Harshini D. Verified Buyer


The quality of the stickers is very good. And the team is very supportive. They contacted me before printing because there was some issue on my side. I appreciate they reached out for the best final product rather than printing something. I recommend them.