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Don’t hide! You were meant to sparkle! And what better way to shine than by creating your own, unique custom glitter stickers?!

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More About Glitter Stickers

Add some sparkle into your life with our custom Glitter Stickers! These stickers are made from a high quality metalized matte vinyl. They have a permanent adhesive and will be weather resistant from 3-5 years. Get more shine for your bucks with this show-stopping, light-refracting material. Turn heads everywhere and give your brand that special, glittery boost! Give your special event, wedding, even your company logo that extra sparkle to stand out in the crowd, just like you! 

Head over to our Sticker Maker where you can get started with your custom creations - you can place an order for as little or as many stickers as you'd like! If you're looking to order more than available online, you can reach out to our team at [email protected], we'd be happy to help you set up an order.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Durable, Strong Adhesive
Dishwasher Safe
Any Size, Any Shape
No Set-Up Fees
Oil Resistant
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FAQs - Glitter Stickers

Q: How do I prepare my files when printing glitter die-cut stickers?

A: When preparing your artwork files for printing a glitter die-cut sticker, the most important consideration is ensuring that your artwork has transparent areas. Transparent areas will show as transparent when the artwork is printed. You also have to ensure that you save your artwork in a file format which supports transparencies such as a PNG. JPGs and GIFs, for example, do not support transparencies.

Q: How can I ensure that my artwork has transparent areas?

A: It is best to preview your artwork in a program which can visually show you transparent areas.  Some programs will show backgrounds as checkerboards, thus any area where you see a checker board is transparent.

Q: Can I order just 1 glitter sticker?

A: The minimum order for glitter is 25 stickers.

Q: Is it possible to print white on glitter stickers?

A: We do not use white ink on our glitter stickers. White areas on your artwork will have a glitter effect. If you are looking to print white ink on your glitter stickers, contact [email protected] and a sales representative will assist you with your order.

Q: These stickers are permanent, will they damage a surface if I try to remove them?

Depending on the surface they are applied to, it’s possible that the surface may be damaged. Most surfaces that have been painted may be damaged when trying to remove a permanent die-cut sticker For example, surfaces such as laminates and painted walls.  It may be possible to remove permanent stickers from lacquered / bake-dried surfaces such as car paint, however we do not guarantee that the surface will not be damaged.

Q: Are these glitter die-cut stickers water, dishwasher and freezer safe?

A: These stickers are certainly freezer safe and water repellant. They will also withstand dishwasher use die to their permanent adhesive. They are not recommended for use on fabrics and as such should not be put through a washer/dryer.

Q: What are the benefits of glitter stickers?

A: The best feature of the glitter stickers is how eye-catching they are! People passing by will be sure to do a double take when they see the sparkles and shine of the stickers, and help your brand or your artwork stand out that much easier.

Q: Can I get free samples?

A: While we don’t offer free samples of your own artwork, we do offer sample booklets with a variety of different materials to see what works best for you. To request a sample booklet, contact [email protected]

Q: What’s the largest size I can make my glitter stickers?

A: With our editor, the largest size you can make glitter stickers is approximately 8.5”x8.5”. If you need larger, contact [email protected]

Q: Are these stickers microwave safe?

A: No, unfortunately glitter stickers are not microwave safe, due to the radiation and heat that is present. For your safety, we recommend you do not ever put glitter stickers in the microwave.

Q: I want to order more than one product with the same artwork as my glitter stickers. Do I have to keep recreating my artwork?

A: This can be done! Once you have your artwork as you like it in the editor, add it to your cart. From there, click the “duplicate” button and it will bring you back to the Sticker Editor. At that point, you can adjust the material, size, quantity, you name it to exactly what you’re looking for for the next product, and so on. Need help? Contact [email protected].

Q: Can I stick glitter stickers on my laptop?

A: Glitter stickers are a permanent adhesive, so we don't recommend it if you ever want to remove them from your laptop afterwards.

Reviews (104)

Yotpo Reviewer: Trevor H.
Trevor H. Verified Buyer


I lovevthe quality if of the stickers I ordered.

Yotpo Reviewer: Emilie B.
Emilie B. Verified Buyer


Love all of it

Yotpo Reviewer: Sandy J.
Sandy J. Verified Buyer


Love the effect of the glitter on these stickers! They shine so brightly within the light in all different colours. Did the static T.V. effect I wanted and I can't wait to show them off at Convention. Also, cant forget the very pleasant customer service.

Yotpo Reviewer: Tom Z.
Tom Z. Verified Buyer


Stickers were great but the picture from final review did look different from final production

Yotpo Reviewer: Cynthia E.
Cynthia E. Verified Buyer


Loved the sticker but the words weren’t dark enough on the black background

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