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We offer a variety of roll label finishes and materials. No matter what you re looking to brand, we ve got a label for it. Find your perfect pairing below!

Eco-Safe Paper Roll Labels Removable Paper Roll Labels Durable Roll Labels Clear Roll Labels
Description Put sustainability first with labels from 40% recycled content Perfect for temporary applications, remove these labels without damage or residue Built to withstand the toughest of applications See-through labels allow you to get creative with transparency
Great For
  • •Packaging
  • •Sustainability, wellness, natural product applications
  • •Packaging
  • •Temporary applications
  • •Packaging
  • •Industrial applications
  • •Packaging
  • •Glass applications
WaterProof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bubble Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Die-Cut Yes Yes Yes Yes

More About Custom Roll Labels

Our custom roll labels come in a wide variety of materials that make them perfect for corporate or personal use. Our custom roll labels ensure that your logo adds the perfect finishing touch to custom commercial business products, or customized gifts for any occasion.

Roll labels are often the most affordable and cost-efficient option for your sticky solutions, especially in higher unit quantities. This makes them great for a huge variety of uses, including packaging, giveaways, and general stickerbombing. If you have a trade show, networking conference, or large event coming up, roll labels are the perfect solution for raising brand awareness and getting individuals hyped about your brand. You can tear them off and hand them out at events for people to stick anywhere they d like!

To make life even easier, we can also perforate your roll labels! Adding perforation to your labels makes it effortless to tear off individual labels and hand them out, apply them to your product, or top off your packaging. If you re interested in this, our custom sales team would be happy to help you. You can send your artwork to [email protected] for a free quote and digital proof!

Clear Roll Labels

For an ultra stylistic option, try putting your image on our custom clear roll labels. Our custom clear roll labels are made with permanent BOPP material that will ensure your logo stands out and looks fantastic on any surface. Not only this, but these labels are the perfect solution if you d like to incorporate white ink into your design. If you d like to showcase the product inside your packaging, clear vinyl also allows for transparency, so people can see the product inside your packaging and behind your custom roll labels.

Durable Roll Labels

If your product needs to withstand the elements, your product s labels should too! Using durable strong adhesive, we can make your custom roll labels in any shape and size you need. Thanks to our plastic base, our labels are guaranteed to be waterproof and oil resistant, and will hold up no matter what your products need to endure.

Foil Labels

Want to take your products or gifts to the next level without breaking the bank? Our custom foil labels can create a striking and luxurious finish on any product or gift. Available in gold or silver. StickerYou can create your custom foil labels in any shape or design you need. Our foil labels can be printed with your own logo or artwork, but are also writeable with permanent marker, meaning you can have your foil labels customized to however you like.

Matte Roll Labels

Customizable matte roll labels have a sleek and modern look for any label that needs time-sensitive or unique information. Matte roll labels are waterproof and can be written on with pen, pencil, and marker; ensuring your specific best before dates, dates of productions, or flavors are clear and visible without compromising your brands personal aesthetic.

Paper Roll Labels

Our customizable paper roll labels are a quick way to order a large quantity of your brands labels at a reasonable price. Create custom stickers that can be used to label products, or brand promotional material. These stickers tear off easily, so they are great as giveaways or simple and effective free swag. Our permanent laminate adhesive ensures that your logo stands out strong and clear on any branded outgoing packages.

Writeable Roll Labels

Our writeable roll labels are the perfect way to ensure your stickers are manually customizable and protected from any abrasions. With a 2.6ml thickness, StickerYous writeable roll labels can be customized with permanent marker. Some products may have various freshness dates, weights, scents, or names, which is why our writeable roll labels are perfect for getting different information across while making sure your brands personal logo still stands out.

FAQs - Roll Labels

Q: Why do roll labels have minimum order quantities?

A: Roll labels are frequently used by businesses that need a bulk order of the same label. Since we have no set-up charges or hidden fees on roll labels, printing with a minimum order quantity saves us money so we can save you money. The cost per label on a roll gives you the best value compared to cost per label on a sheet because we print roll labels in bulk. This can help small businesses get the high quality roll labels they need without breaking the bank!

Q: I want to order in a logo sticker in bulk, if it s not for packaging, can I still order my design on roll labels?

A: Roll labels are great for product packaging but can also serve many other different purposes. Because of their strong adhesive, roll labels are a perfect and easy way to decorate personal items or your office with your brand or design. Roll label stickers are also terrific handouts and swag to give away to customers and get your brand out there. If you or your company attend networking events like trade shows or conventions, you can use roll labels as an inexpensive method of raising brand awareness.

Q: What size do your roll labels come in?

A: Our roll labels are made in the exact size you need, down to the 0.01”! Simply adjust your roll label size in the label editor to any size between 0.75” x 0.75” up to 11” x 37.75”. We can also offer a variety of different roll label shapes, including a contour die-cut. When creating your labels in the Sticker Maker,you can simply upload your artwork, and select the shape that fits your needs.

Q: I need two different sized labels, do I have to place two different orders?

A: Absolutely not! When you place your first roll label design in your cart, you will have the option to add more items to your order. You can easily order the same logo or design in a different size or shape, or create a completely new label - all of your StickerYou custom products will print and ship together. We also make it easy for you to re-order items that you love by going into your account history. Your old orders will be stored, making it simple for you to get more roll labels with a single click.

Q: What is the benefit of ordering a page of labels vs. a roll?

A: For smaller quantities of 1 100 labels, pages can be less expensive because you can order as few as one page for as little as $10. And with pages, you get as many labels as you can fit on an 8.25" * 10.5" page (often 4 to 60 labels). Rolls start at $65 for a roll of 250 labels.For larger quantities of 200+ labels, rolls are often less expensive than pages, since at these quantities the cost per label is lower.

Q: Can my roll labels be cut into the exact shape of my logo?

A: Absolutely! Aside from our standard shaped roll label stickers, you can also get your roll label shape to be contoured to the exact shape of your logo, at no extra cost to you. Just select image die-cut as the shape you desire when creating your order.

Q: How will my roll labels be packaged and shipped?

A: Our roll labels are delivered to you on the actual cardboard roll we print them on, which makes it easier for you to dispense. From there, all items of your order are properly and carefully packaged for shipping in sturdy mail containers, so your custom roll labels will arrive just as they were freshly printed.

Q: I m looking for perforated rolls so they tear off easily, is this possible to order?

A: Absolutely! It has to be placed as a special order, but if you contact [email protected] a member of the sales team will help you.

Q: I m looking to have roll labels with variable data. Do you offer this?

A: Yes we do! If you contact [email protected] a member of our sales team can look into it with you as it would be a speciality product.

Q: Is it as easy to apply roll vs. page labels?

A: Pages are a great choice if you plan to apply your labels by hand to curved product packaging, such as jam jars. Their vinyl material is somewhat stretchy making them easier to apply. Its also bubble-free, allowing air bubbles to egress out before the adhesive fully attaches to the product. Pages are a popular choice for jam and sauce jars as well as health and beauty products. Roll labels are ideal for applying onto flat (not curved) surfaces, such as a paper bag or cardboard box. The variety of material finishes they come in, their permanent adhesive, and their cost-benefit when ordering larger quantities, are definite advantages. Roll labels are a popular choice of bakeries, coffee shops, clothing stores, etc. For larger orders of labels that will be applied by machine, rolls are the only option as machines will only accept rolls.

Q: You offer a wide variety of roll label materials, how do I know which is best for me?

A: We aim to offer different materials so that you can select the one that fits your use case perfectly. If you need some additional help, check out our recent blog post Which Label Material is Right for You? for guidance!

Q: I need a specific quantity on each roll for order, is this possible?

A: Yes it is! If you need a specific quantity it would have to be placed as a special order. Contact [email protected] and a sales team member can help you.

Q: There are so many different options for roll label materials! How do I know which one is right for me?

A: If you want to contact [email protected] we can help you with any questions of application/use for the stickers and artwork etc, and help you place your order when you re ready!

Q: What s the smallest size I can order roll labels at?

A: On our website, the smallest size you can order is 0.75”x0.75”. If you need smaller still, contact [email protected].

Q: Can I order clear roll labels?

A: Absolutely! If you go to the link here you can create clear roll labels directly from the page-

Q: Can I order roll labels that will last in the freezer?

A: Because it is a special product it cant be ordered directly through our website, but if you contact [email protected] a member of our team can help you with your order.

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