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Clear poly roll labels Clear poly roll labels Clear poly roll labels Clear poly roll labels
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Clear Roll Labels are a versatile product. Our Clear BOPP material will allow your design to stand out against any surface and give products a professional look. Use Clear Roll Labels on windows or create product packaging labels. The permanent adhesive will keep them stuck in place and looking great!

$99.25 per 250 labels

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Product Features

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Durable, Strong Adhesive


CMYK + White Ink

Any Size, Any Shape

No Set-Up Fees

Oil Resistant

Clear Vinyl Material

More About Clear Roll Labels

When looking for a way to upgrade your product labels the answer is crystal clear - custom clear roll labels! Clear labels add a unique finishing touch to products and personal good alike. Due to their transparency, clear roll labels make your logos look bright and bold while also showcasing everyone’s favourite part of any package - the contents! Clear roll labels are also our most customizable label yet! Since the vinyl is clear, any colour can be printed on it! So logos or design that have white areas are at their boldest and brightest. For an even more unique way to customize you can select areas with type to be transparent to let your design shine. Clear roll labels are also an easy and effective way to add a personal touch to home and party decor. Durable, waterproof, and oil-resistant, our clear roll labels don't just look fantastic, they can also withstand a lot; this makes them the perfect choice for outdoor use or heavy duty food or beverage packaging! Our clear roll labels can be cut into any shape or design making them the clear winner for your custom clear roll label needs!   

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It was very easy to design online. I was happy with the product and ease of the whole process. So far, seems very durable clear sticker that I’ve put on a water bottle.


These stickers are exactly what I needed and perfect to my order specifications. Take into account the blank space around the graphic, as I'm thinking I may have ordered too small. I'll definitely buy some larger ones in the future for another project I have coming up. Website is easy to navigate. Prices are really good.




The stickers came out awesome but the material that they used was quite thin , I would have imagined that the sticker material would be a little thicker rather than a thinner material. Almost like a thin mint


I was originally going to order a printed mylar bag from another vendor for a new product we were working on but the price was way out of our budget, so we tried a custom sticker from and we're very pleased with the finished product. And the price didn't hurt either. When we apply the sticker to the packaging it looks like it's a part of the package and not a stick on. I will be re-ordering the product.

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More than one design on a page

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