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Custom food & drink labels are a great way to get creative and spice up any event. You can learn more about the different formats below, and choose the best products for your application. With products you love and experts to help, StickerYou is your branding partner for all your marketing material needs. Connect with our Product Experts for free 1:1 help with your project anytime, at no additional cost to you.

Take your packaging game to the next level, and give your product presentation an upgrade with our food and drink labels!

  • Beer Labels : From craft to homebrew, give your beer the branding it deserves
  • Bernardin Jar Labels : Transform your generic jars into custom branded packaging
  • Bottle Labels : Create custom beverage labels for bottles of all shapes and sizes
  • DIY Food Labels: Add some branding to your DIY projects or organize your pantry
  • Freezer Labels : Create durable food and ingredient labels that are built to last
  • Honey Labels : Make your honey that much sweeter with the authentic label on its jar
  • Jam Labels : Transform your jars whether jams, canned goods, and more
  • Jar Labels : Say goodbye to boring labeling, create custom branded product labels for your jars
  • Keg Labels : Discover the most affordable way to brand your kegs
  • Mr. Beer Custom Labels : Give your homebrew the branding it deserves
  • Ontario Honey Labels : Create buzz worthy labels for your honey
  • Sauce Labels : Make your sauce and syrups the talk of the town with branded labels
  • Spice Labels: No matter your sauce, print your own labels that will stand out
  • Wine Labels : Create custom wine labels for all occasions and celebrations
Custom Food and Beverage Labels are a great way to get creative and spice up any event. You can learn more about the different formats and materials below, and choose the best food and beverage products for your application. With food products you love and experts to help, StickerYou is your branding partner for all your marketing material needs. Connect with our Product Experts for free 1:1 help with your project anytime, at no additional cost to you.

More About Food and Beverage Labels

Create custom printable labels for all types of food - from cupcakes and jams, to casseroles and beverage items. Make customized product labels with callouts for allergies, gluten sensitivities, lactose intolerance, dietary restrictions, and so much more. Stick these food labels to lunches to call out serious allergies, or if you’re making your own food, stick them as warning labels on your products.

Enhance Your Freezing Experience with Custom Freezer Labels

Making food to store in the freezer? Stick freezer labels on your boxes, containers, casserole, dishes, and other packaging, and include the date they were made or expire.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Ingredient Labels

Do you make food professionally? Enhance your ingredient labels with a branded touch - incorporate your company logo. Customize further by adding images, ingredients and contents of the delicious food you produce, to make your food label to perfectly fit your containers and cans.

Transform Your Beverages with Unique Drink Labels

From coffee and tea, to wine and beer - you can make a beverage label for it at StickerYou! If you make your own beverages, add a personal touch with custom labeling to give your products a unique look to stand out from the crowd. Whether you own your own beverage company, make personalized gifts, or have a side hustle - all you have to do is select the template you’d like to get started! If you’re looking for glass or plastic water bottle labels, you can use the templates above to make a custom wraparound label in any shape or style you’d like. You can also make food and beverage labels for parties, weddings, or charity events to fit the theme of the customers' event. Our labels are water resistant, and apply smoothly with a long-lasting stick. If you want to add a personalized touch, these printable labels are writable with permanent marker. This allows you to personalize your labels with the expiry date, scent or flavor, lot number, and so much more.

FAQs - Food & Drink Labels

Q: Are these labels dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe?

A: Yes, if you order our standard glossy white vinyl material they are!

Q: I have a specific amount of labels I need not listed on the website - can I still order the quantity I’m looking for?

A: Yes you can! If you don’t see the amount listed, contact [email protected], and a member of our sales team will help you.

Q: Are food and drink labels writable?

A: We recommend using a permanent marker to write. For best results, select our matte vinyl stickers or writable roll labels.

Q: Can I get free samples?

A: While we don’t offer free samples of your own artwork, we do offer sample booklets with a variety of material types to find the product that works best for you. If you’d like to request one contact [email protected] and we will get them to you.

Q: What format can I upload my artwork in for my labels?

A: With our editor, you can upload as JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF. If your file is not uploading correctly to our website, contact [email protected] and we can assist you with your order.

Q: I’m looking for clear labels for my jam jars, can I make them on clear material?

A: Yes you can! Click on the blue “Create Now” button at the top of the page, and you can select clear labels from there.

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Awesome quality!

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Very happy workmanship.

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I recently ordered online some address labels as a gift. The result/quality was excellent. The service was equally satisfying. The online platform to try to make the address labels/typing tool was not sufficient to complete my task and in the end I did not get address labels, but only the image I uploaded and aligned. I was disappointed with the result, but had to meet a deadline so worked with what I received. I recommend this company but remind anyone to be extra careful to communicate your intentions.

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Was great process all around. Software was detailed enough o could make what i wanted (took some practice) and ordering was easy and reasonably priced. Stickers seem like they will last. They even sent an extra sheet for free!

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I just needed a few stickers for different bottles without having to order large of amounts of each sticker. So their mix custom one page worked perfectly for me. And they look great.