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Our Matte Roll Labels are printed on a durable matte BOPP material. These labels have a matte finish that adds a premium touch and makes them easy to write on with pen, pencil or marker. They come in any size and are die-cut to the exact shape of your design. They are perfect to write best before dates on your products. Order as few as 250 per roll up to any quantity you need.

$78.70 per 250 labels

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Product Features

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Durable, Strong Adhesive

Any Size, Any Shape

Minimum Order Quantity

No Set-Up Fees

4 Color Printing

Matte BOPP Material

Writable with Pencil, Pen or Marker

More About Matte Roll Labels

Customizable matte roll labels offer a sleek and modern finish for any product or gift, and are always an affordable option for when you need a large supply! Matte is becoming a popular finish for labels not only for it’s great durability but also for the subtle modern flare it can add to product design. Thanks to their finish, our matte roll labels can be written on with pen or marker. This allows you to write things like best before dates and ingredients on food or beauty products, or personalize gifts for any occasion. Our matte roll labels can be custom cut into any shape or design, so your intricate logo or design is never compromised. Roll labels with a matte finish are also waterproof, ensuring that no matter what your labels endure, your custom information and matte labels remain in tact and look spectacular. Order as little as 250 and without any setup fees!

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Was very happy with the labels looked great and the turn time to receive them was also great. Thank you


These stickers hold up very well. Everything was printed clearly and the material is perfect for writing on.


Rugged sticker. I needed something that could survive a sharpie marker and then a long time in a freezer. I've done some tests and all great. The adhesive holds as well. I put a sticker on the window of my car as soon as they arrived to test the outside plus UV fading. So far so good (2 weeks).


I went to StickerYou because their prices seem unbeatable. I'm happy to say that for my needs, it was great. My sticker was a simple design of black text on a white label, so I cannot speak for color accuracy/detail, but I was very pleased with what I got for my needs.


These work well and are exactly what we need every time.

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More than one design on a page

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