Photo Stickers

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Photo Stickers

Make your memories stick by turning all your favorite photos into stickers. They stick strong but remove clean, leaving no residue behind. Go ahead and stick your best captured moments on your laptop, notebook or wherever you want. You can create custom Photo Stickers on pages and fit as many photos as you want, or order just one to try! 

$9.99 for 1 page of stickers
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More About Photo Stickers

Make your memories stick with premium photo stickers for every occasion. Capture your favorite moments and stick them on your belongings for a constant reminder of loved ones and good times.

You can order as many as you want and get them in any shape and size. If you’ve got lots of pictures, you can even create photo sticker pages to curate those extra special moments that mean a lot to you.

About Photo Stickers

It’s easy to create stickers from photos with StickerYou. Simply upload your favorite pics and print them in lush, vibrant colors to make those important moments shine.

We have many customization options including holographic and glitter stickers for when you want a bit more sparkle. You can even create writable photo stickers which let you add helpful notes to remember those special dates, occasions, and people.

Our custom photo stickers make the perfect gift for nostalgia lovers and anyone who loves to journal. Whether you’re looking for 4” Photo Stickers, Face Stickers, Pet Stickers, or custom sticker pages for your favorite memories, we’ve got you covered.

So, go ahead - start making memories that stick!

4” Photo Stickers

Have a candid photo you want to share with loved ones? Or maybe you have an Instagram picture that would make an amazing sticker? Whatever it is, we’ll help you make those memories stick with our custom 4” photo sticker singles. Our stickers are printed on quality, durable, removable vinyl and cost under $5 making it a great gift, merch, or to decorate your things with!

Custom Photo Sticker Pages

Create custom photo sticker pages for events and celebrations, packaging, social media, personal expression, and so much more! All our photo stickers are made with quality vinyl, so your photos always look sharp and true to life making them the perfect addition for your journaling or gifting needs.

Face Stickers

It’s easier than ever to take your favorite people and selfies with you wherever you go with custom face stickers from StickerYou. Simply upload a photo of your face and automatically get a perfectly outlined vinyl sticker that’s ready to stick. Making face stickers are a great way to personalize your belongings or even create unique gifts for your loved ones.

Custom Pet Stickers

Immortalize your favorite fuzzy (and not-so-fuzzy) friends with custom pet stickers you can take anywhere. It’s easy to create sticker pages with all your favorite pet pictures, like that time you caught your pup waking up from a fresh nap or your cat plotting its next attack. You can also get die-cut stickers that give you a clean, outlined portrait to really make your pet the star of the show. Our stickers are durable and waterproof so you’ll be able to take your favorite creatures with you on your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many photo stickers can I order?
A: Thanks to our cutting-edge digital printing and die-cut technology, you can place an order of picture stickers in any size and quantity you'd like. Looking to order a single page of photo stickers for a gift, surprise, or event? No problem! You also have the option of printing different sizes, shapes, and pictures on the same sheet, allowing you to print different memories, without having to meet a minimum order quantity for each design. Keep in mind, the more pages you order in total, the lower the cost will be for each page - so it's never a bad idea to stock up on gifts for your friends and family! This bulk discount will apply to the total number of pages, regardless of the number of different designs you have, ensuring you always make the most of your hard earned dollars.

Q: How many pictures can I fit on a sheet of photo stickers?
A: The number of picture stickers you can fit per page is dependent on the final size of your images. For example, if you make a sheet of 2x2" photo stickers, you can fit 20-up per page. The larger you make your stickers, the less you will fit on a sheet. When you upload your image to our Sticker Maker, our editor will automatically calculate the sticker amount per page. If you're printing multiple designs per sheet, you can lay out the page however you'd like, fitting as many photo stickers per page as you please!

Q: Can you write on photo stickers?
A: Yes you can! We recommend using a permanent marker for best results. Alternately, you can also add text to your photo sticker as you’re creating it directly in our editor!

Q: What finishes can I order photo stickers in?
A: You have multiple finishes to choose from when it comes to printing your picture stickers. If you'd like an opaque material in which you can print a white or colored background, your best bet would be to print on one of our white vinyl materials. From here, you can select either a glossy or matte finish (often times, we recommend matte, as photos are much more visible on a material that is glare-free). If a transparent material with a clear background is more what you're looking for, then feel free to print on our clear removable vinyl material! If you need some further information and assistance with deciding which sticker material is best for you, check out this blog post!

Q: I have a custom project in mind that I can't create on your website, how can I get it made?
A: You're in luck! We have a full dedicated support team that can assist you with setting up an order, creating a custom proof, and so much more. We also have an art team if you need some graphical tweaks, or need art services for graphic design. If this interests you, please forward your artwork or design concept to [email protected], so we can get you a quote or digital proof.

Q: I think I made a mistake with my order, how can I get in touch with you?
A: Do not fear! Our customer support team is here to help with whatever you need. If you'd like to request a change, cancellation, or simply have some questions, you can contact us at [email protected]. Please include your order number if applicable, and a brief explanation of your request, so we can help solve the problem as quick as possible.

Q: I want to make my photo stickers heart shaped for a gift, if this possible?
A: Yes it is! You can upload your photo to the editor and select the different shapes there. If its not lining up properly, contact [email protected] and a member of our team will help you with your order.

Q: I want to apply my photo stickers to my laptop, will they damage it?
A: They will not! They will stick strong for as long as you need them to, but when you’re ready to remove, they will come off clean leaving no messy residue behind.

Q: I only see a 4” sticker size or page size above. Are those my only options?
A: They are not! If you have a specific size in mind, you can create your stickers down to the 0.1” in our editor through the Create Now blue link at the top of this page. If you need help, contact [email protected]

Q: Can I order different photos on a page, or do they all have to be the same image?
A: You can  order different images! When editing your sticker page, you can upload all the images that you can fit comfortably on a page at different sizes to fit an 8.5”x11”  page. Need help? Email [email protected] and someone will help you with your order.

Q: If I want to stick my photo stickers on a water bottle will they last?
A: Yes they will! As long as they are applied currently on a smooth dry surface, they should be able to stick strong and last long on your water bottle.

Q: Can you help me with my artwork?
A: Yes we can! Contact [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you.

Q: Can I make my photo stickers at 5”x7”? I only see templates above?
A: If you click on the Custom Photo Stickers Pages above, then through that link you can order any size you need down to the 0.1”. Need help? Contact [email protected]

Q: What format can I upload my photos in to create stickers?
A: The file formats that are accepted in our editor are PNG, JPG, GIF, and PDF, with the maximum file size at 25 MB.

Q: I want to order photo stickers of the same image but to stick on multiple items, how do I do this?
A: You can either create one page with custom photo stickers pages link above, or upload the photo you need and then adjust the quantity in the editor or your cart until you get the amount you’re looking for. Need help? Contact [email protected].

Q: I want to add a font to the photo stickers I’m creating but I don’t like the options I see. How can I get the font I’m looking for?
A: If you contact [email protected] with the font in mind we can help you with a custom order!

Q: I want to use photos to make temporary tattoos for a bachelorette party. Will this work or can they only be ordered as stickers?
A: Yes you can! To order tattoos of photos instead (or as well as), order from the link below.

Q: I’m worried the photos I want to use for stickers aren’t high enough resolution to come out clearly, what do I do?
A: The minimum resolution at actual print size we recommend is 150 dpi. If you’re not sure if your photo meets the minimum, contact [email protected] our team can look into it with you!

Q: I’m making my photo stickers a specific shape cut for a gift, but I’m worried the image will get cut off. What do I do?
A: We can help you with your order! Contact [email protected] and we can look into it with you. 

Q: I want to make my photo stickers matte rather than glossy. How do I do this?
A: Click on the photo selection above which best suits what you’re looking for then follow the steps to the sticker editor. Once in the sticker editor, you can change the material to matte stickers. Need help? Contact [email protected].

Q: Can I get free samples?
A: We don't provide free samples with your own artwork, but we can absolutely send you sample booklets with a variety of our materials to help choose what works best for you. To request one, contact [email protected].

Q: What's the difference between 4" photo stickers and custom photo sticker pages?
A: 4" photo stickers you can order in a few quick clicks if you're not fussy about the sizing of your stickers. They are also good for Instagram style photo stickers for your wall or computer. Custom photo sticker pages take more time to order but you can fit more than one sticker on a page, depending on the size of your sticker and you have more freedom for customization.

Q: I'm looking to make wall decals with photos on them for a birthday party. Will this work?
A: As long as the photo is high enough resolution it should! If you want to be sure, contact [email protected] and we can look into it with you.

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