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Removable Vinyl vs BOPP: What's the Difference?

January 16, 2017  |  
Vinyl vs BOPP: What's the Difference?

What's the Difference between Vinyl vs BOPP?

The main difference between the removable vinyl and BOPP materials is even though the white vinyl material is removable, it is best suited for outdoor purposes as it is a thicker material, better adheres to curved surfaces, and is more durable than its White BOPP counterpart.

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What does BOPP mean?

Bi-axially oriented polypropylene

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What is White BOPP Label?

White BOPP material is slightly thinner than White Vinyl material. It also has a permanent adhesive and cannot be easily removed from surfaces. While this material is extremely durable, it does not hold up well against sun/UV rays (material may yellow over time), which is why we recommend this product for indoor use only.

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What is White Removable Vinyl?

White Removable Vinyl has a strong adhesive to stay on your surface, has bubble free technology for easy application, and can also be easily removed without leaving behind a sticky residue or adhesive. Common uses of removable vinyl stickers include: Jar Labels Home Organization Bumper Stickers Window Stickers Outdoor Usage Marketing Material (i.e. swag stickers) Sports Equipment

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