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Are you seeking a premium, cost-effective solution to make your brand stand out? Our Image Transfer Labels offer a sleek 3D finish for your custom design. Apply them effortlessly anywhere, leaving no background or extra material. Elevate your branding and packaging that outshine the competition. Built to last, these durable labels endure, thanks to advanced UV DTF technology.

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  • Size

    2” x 2”

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  • Material

    UV-curable Ink

  • Adhesive


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    USD 37.00

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More About the Product

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Crafted from premium materials, UV-coated, and cured, our product radiates opulence. Once applied, these labels impart a lasting, 3D-like elegant effect to make your brand stand out. Ideal for enhancing products, equipment, or assorted items, this allows you to display your company logo, packaging, artistic elements, or marketing message on them. Highlight your brand or design in the purest form, eliminating background shapes and ensuring a seamless label edge for an outstanding brand presentation.

Unique Features

The key feature of this custom UV transfer label product, which sets it apart from our other labels, is that only the image area remains visible after placing it on glass, plastic, wood, or ceramic, thanks to its flexible application. Each product comprises three material layers.
The initial layer is the paper backing, followed by the transfer label material as the second layer. The third layer is the transfer tape, applied onto your UV transfer label design. This tape functions as the adhesive, keeping all the individual components of your label design intact after removing the paper backing. Unlike a thermal transfer label, no heat pressing or complex steps are required to apply them.

Image Transfer Labels Resistance Qualities

Our UV Transfer Labels boast a scratch-resistant, durable ink effect that is waterproof, lightfast (ensuring no fading or discoloration when exposed to light), and designed to endure once applied. The label material is also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. UV Transfer Labels are available in any quantity with a fast turnaround time, allowing for printing in multiple colors and virtually any shape - without the need for die-cutting!

Product features
Transfers in Under 30 Seconds
Easy to Apply
Durable, Strong Adhesive
Any Size, Any Shape
UV Coated

FAQs - Image Transfer Labels

Q: Does the transfer label replicate the silk screen printing effect?

A: Yes, they do. These labels can be applied and stick firmly to various surfaces, including glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, concrete, leather, and more. This versatility makes them the best choice for making the logo of your brand stand out on company equipment, products and packaging, storefront windows and walls, and any desired surface.
Whether you want to personalize your laptop, mug, mid-sized objects, or even your car window, StickerYou offers quality product for a seamless effect. The printing process utilizes high-quality ink for the best results, making these UV transfer labels the optimal choice for achieving a standout and professional look with a variety of color and size options to choose from.

Q: What type of design file can I upload to create my own image?

A: Suitable formats are JPG, PNG, GIF. If your design file format is not accepted (such as AI, EPS, PDF or other vector files), please export your design file as a high resolution PNG or JPG to upload.

Q: Do Image Transfer Labels have a minimum order quantity & size?

A: Yes! You can order as little as 10 image transfer labels and as many as 1000. The minimum size is 1 x 1 in, and the maximum is 8.5 x 11 in. Remember, the more quantity you order, the more you save - so don’t be afraid to stock up!

Q: Do Image Transfer Labels have any background or leftover materials once applied?

A: They do not! UV Transfer labels arrive with both transfer tape and backing applied to the design you print. This means that once you remove the front film, apply your label, and peel the back film - all you’re left with is the printed image area.

Q: How can I order image transfer labels?

A: To place an order, simply select your desired quantity and size above, and proceed to add your design and complete your order! If you'd rather contact us directly, feel free to email [email protected], submit your request, and get assigned to an expert who can assist you with the further ordering steps. Our experienced team is ready to help you with placing orders and all your questions.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, we do. We ship to all ends of the world - it’s time to create your custom masterpiece!

Q: Is there a minimum recommended size for different design elements?

A: Yes! To ensure the best results possible, we recommend that each design takes into consideration the following minimums:

  • •Minimum Line Width: 0.16 in or 0.41 cm
  • •Min Dot Width: 0.16 in or 0.41 cm
  • •Min Letter Font Size: 15 pt

Q: Are Image Transfers household dishwasher-safe?

A: Yes, they are! For better durability, apply Image Transfers to plastics or textured surfaces such as metal and ceramic. Make sure the product cools and dries completely after each dishwasher cycle, as it could shift when it is still hot. Keep in mind that Image Transfers, when applied on glass are not dishwasher-safe; they are still waterproof and safe for handwashing.

Q: What are some non-recommended application surfaces for Image Transfer Labels?

A: Image Transfer Labels are not suitable for application on fabrics, silicone, or glazed surfaces, whether the surface is hard or soft. Moreover, they are not suitable for application on highly polished or reflective surfaces. Are you looking for a product that can be applied soft surfaces, like fabric? Feel free to check out our Custom Solid Iron-ons.

Reviews (0)

Yotpo Reviewer: Meagan F.
Meagan F. Verified Buyer


I love these transfer stickers so much!!! They look amazing, the quality is unmatched. I will 1000% be purchasing more.

Yotpo Reviewer: TRISHA H.
TRISHA H. Verified Buyer


Loved the raised edge and no outline sticker.

Yotpo Reviewer: Iain B.
Iain B. Verified Buyer


Unbelievable results! I was truly blown away with the quality of the transfer stickers. I made a smaller order initially to see how they turned out, but will absolutely be reordering as they turned out awesome, much better than I was expecting.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jeniece F.
Jeniece F. Verified Buyer


Thank you so much for the Image Transfers. They were easy to apply and made a great impression on their recipients. Thanks again.

Yotpo Reviewer: Natalie R.
Natalie R. Verified Buyer


We received our 1st order of the permanent transfers and we LOVE them! They turned out perfectly and the colors are vibrant and such great quality! The staff all loves their Stanley cups, so I got the stickers to put in those so that wherever the cups go, our brand goes too!