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Keep your memories close to your heart with StickerYou’s custom photo stickers! Create your own photo stickers to go on mugs, wine bottles, lockers, laptops, the fridge, or envelopes for invitations. They stick strong but remove cleanly without residue on your favorite items. Learn More
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More About Custom Photo Sticker Pages

Turn all your favorite photos into stickers, with StickerYou’s Custom Photo Sticker Pages! Whether you’ve just returned from a trip, want stickers for scrapbooking, to stick on the fridge, for birthday parties, or weddings, make your own custom stickers right here. For creative, personalized gifts, make photo stickers from a trip, birthday, or holiday, or favorite pet, to give to a loved one. For weddings, use photo stickers to make custom wine bottles, water bottle labels, and even on invitations, gifts, and thank you notes! If you like to scrapbook, make your photo stickers to match the size you need it at to fit the page properly, or just to stick them on the fridge without having to use magnets!

Our photo stickers are made of high quality, glossy vinyl material. They stick strong on most materials, and will come off clean when it’s time to remove them. Make stickers any shape, from square, heart shaped, or have them die cut to the image. If you want to include text, either add it when you’re making the stickers, or write it in when you’re ready with a pen or marker! Make your memories stick with photo stickers from StickerYou!

Need Help With Photo Effects?

Some art enhancements can be made simply by uploading your artwork and editing it in our interface. See the tutorial videos below to see how you can use our Sticker Maker to create your custom design!

If you have an image and want to apply photo effects to it fill out this form and our art services team will be happy to assist you.

Product features
Writable with Permanent Marker
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Minimums
Removable Without Residue
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Any Size, Any Shape

FAQs - Custom Photo Sticker Pages

Q: I want to stick photo stickers on my laptop but I’m worried about damage. Will it leave residue behind?

A: They will not! Our photo stickers can stick strong for as long as you need them, but when you are ready to remove them, they will come off clean leaving no messy residue behind.

Q: How many photo stickers can fit on a page?

A: It depends on the size you make them! Our standard page size is 8.5”x11”, so as many as you can comfortably fit on that depending on the size you need.

Q: Can I create more than one photo/design on a page or does it have to be the same one?

A: You can do both! We have the option to print the same design on a photo page, or multiple. When you select Make Stickers with the blue button on this page, a pop-up will come up giving you the option for both.

Q: I’m looking to order just one photo sticker, is that possible? Is there a minimum?

A: Yes it is! If you want to order just 1 photo sticker, go to the Create Now button at the top of this page and you can order just 1 sticker.

Q: I want to make photo stickers on different material, is this possible?

A: Yes it is! If you go to the blue Create Now test at the top of the webpage, from there, it will bring you directly to our editor where you can select the material you need. When you’re in the editor, you can upload your photos to create your stickers!

Q: Are photo stickers writable?

A: They are! For best results, we recommend using a permanent marker. Additionally, while you are creating your stickers, you can add the font directly onto your sticker in our sticker editor.

Q: I’m looking to make photo stickers in different shapes and sizes, is this possible?

A: It is! Click on the button above for Make Photo Stickers and select “More than one design on a page”. From there, you can upload as many photos as can fit on an 8.5”x11” page. You can upload your photos and change the shape of the photo directly when you upload them, and add text, borders, or other fun designs from our library of artwork. If your photo doesn’t seem to be cutting to the correct shape for your photo, contact [email protected] and a member of our team can help you with your order.

Q: I want to make photo stickers for my wedding on rolls, how do I do this?

A: Click on the blue Make Photo Stickers button above. Once you're in the editor, under Page Options, you can change the format of the stickers to rolls.

Reviews (8026)

Yotpo Reviewer: Willie J.
Willie J. Verified Buyer


Great service and quality

Yotpo Reviewer: Aimee D.
Aimee D. Verified Buyer


Quality was good. Coloring was good. Overall happy with the product.

Yotpo Reviewer: Margaret M.
Margaret M. Verified Buyer


The size, color and design were exactly what we needed! Great price too!

Yotpo Reviewer: syd d.
syd d. Verified Buyer


they've got a pretty quick turn-around

Yotpo Reviewer: Tiffany R.
Tiffany R. Verified Buyer


Amazing! We love the stickers we got - they are of our cats making funny faces/poses, and we crack up every time we see them. Great quality, fast turn around, and would order again - we are just waiting to capture our cats doing more silly things.

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