Removable Vinyl Sticker Hand-Outs

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Yotpo Reviewer: Amalia T.
Amalia T. Verified Buyer


really good quality stickers, I loved them just as much, maybe even more since it was my art, than the birthday person. The customer service did reach out to me after my purchase and before shipping to notify me that one of my design's font was too small, so I was given enough time to go in and fix that before they made the stickers. I really appreciated that, they gave me more than enough time to respond and I'm glad I did. They were also very nice about it too.12/10 paid for what I got :D My only complaint was the website was a bit finicky. I'm not sure if it was just me but I had trouble setting up how the stickers were cut into certain shapes, the image would keep resetting unless I made it a certain size and even then I couldn't drag it around much. Also every page seemed to load very slowly. Just two very small inconveniences that I managed to get through for amazing stickers.

Yotpo Reviewer: Katie M.
Katie M. Verified Buyer


Had a little snafu with my original order but customer service took right care of it and I LOVE the finished product. Will be ordering again :-)

Yotpo Reviewer: James A.
James A. Verified Buyer


High quality for the price. I wasn't expecting to get stickers that high quality. I WILL be ordering again

Yotpo Reviewer: Julie C.
Julie C. Verified Buyer


I purchased from the first time from this website and had my logo for my business printed on stickers for me to put on my IV bags. I am so happy with how they turned out!

Yotpo Reviewer: alec t.
alec t. Verified Buyer


Great quality

Yotpo Reviewer: Katie C.
Katie C. Verified Buyer


Great customer service, cost and production time.

Yotpo Reviewer: Emily L.
Emily L. Verified Buyer


Came out great! They arrived faster than was originally expected, and my friends loved them!

Yotpo Reviewer: Anthony L.
Anthony L. Verified Buyer


Great quality!

Yotpo Reviewer: Keon D.
Keon D. Verified Buyer


Fine detail on a real picture from a cell phone cam

Yotpo Reviewer: Mindi F.
Mindi F. Verified Buyer


The ordering process was easy, and the stickers came out great

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